Chad Rhodes Bringing Happiness, Entertainment and Joy to the World with His Talents and Entrepreneurial Drive

The world could use some more positivity, fun, and happiness, and none of those will happen if nobody is willing to make it happen. As a lover of entertainment, Chad Rhodes has committed himself to building platforms and businesses that deliver entertainment to the people while building a name for himself at the same time.

Chad Rhodes, an actor who also owns the film company, Three Diamonds Productions and a moving party company, The Bus Memphis, is making the world a fun place for everyone to be in.

The Memphis-born actor started acting in 2013 with some lead roles in many successful stage plays. In 2019, he took on independent projects in which he wrote and directed his first two short films, “Memories” and “H.E.R.” In July 2021, he wrote and produced his first stage play “friEnemy,” which was completely sold out on July 24, 2021, when it hit the stages.

Having tested the waters in the film world, Chad decided to delve into the business world by establishing The Bus Memphis, which provides moving buses for people to party in. The company offers a refreshing service that is better than party bikes and traditional party buses, and since it began operations, many party lovers and fun-seekers have had good things to say about its services.

“Our bus does not require you to do any work. You only have to be on it, dance, and have a good time,” Chad said.

The computer science graduate is known for his drive and willingness to go the extra mile with his dreams.

“I see failure and adversity as lessons, and I understand that nothing great comes easy. So, I’m always ready to put in the work, create ventures that make the world better and expect nothing but the best,” he said.

Chad is all about entertaining and bringing joy into people’s lives. He understands that the world comes with so much that weighs people down and makes them sad, and he’s actively doing something about that by delivering entertainment through his stage plays and an avenue to unwind through The Bus Memphis.

Over the next few years, he sees himself pursuing entrepreneurship actively and scaling his two companies into massive profitability. He also plans to do a national tour with his stage plays and show people that there is more to life than sulking or being sad. He hopes to connect with people looking for entertainment in the ity of Memphis and show them the fun side of the city through Three Diamonds Productions and The Bus Memphis.

“I guarantee that both will bring you the highest amount of entertainment that you can find in the City of Memphis,” Chad said.


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