Cementing his name in the Hip-Hop scene, V.O.C.’s ‘Optimistic Pessimism’ showcases artistic prowess while raising an underlying message of courage and persistence

Fueled by the hurdles in life that he’s had to overcome, a genuine and immensely talented Hip-Hop artist, V.O.C. released his newest work, “Optimistic Pessimism,” a 16-track album that tackles the paradox of life, an individual’s struggles, as well as the triumph over adversity. 

V.O.C., the crown jewel of Outta Bounds Inc., dropped his new studio album, Optimistic Pessimism, last September 2022. The new release is named after the album’s title track. The fact that all of the tracks included on the album were written and produced by V.O.C. and Outta Bounds Sounds is a testament to his artistic skill and the depth of his dedication to his craft. He made it a point to be extremely hands-on during the production of his album, and he took the reins in terms of both creativity and technical execution throughout its completion. 

The initials’ V.O.C.’ stand for “Victim of Circumstance,” the meaning behind the Hip Hop artist’s stage name. The name details the artist’s personal experiences of growing up in an economically disadvantaged area rife with drug and alcohol abuse, street crime, and imminent danger. V.O.C.’s upbringing exposed him early on to the harsh realities of drug addiction, criminal behavior, incarceration, and the death of his friends and family. V.O.C.’s new album displays a bit of him in each track. It is revealing of who he is as a person and helps make his music feel genuine while yet striking a chord with its audience. His music is deeply personal to him, yet he makes sure to give room for his listeners to find their personal meaning and connection in each track. It instills a primal sense of vitality in its recipients and encourages them to rekindle their faith in themselves. 

As a source of comfort and inspiration, V.O.C. ratcheted up the soul and hip-hop genre of music. As an emerging Hip-Hop artist, he found his musical motivation in the work of artists like Tupac Shakur, N.W.A., Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, UGK, Ghetto Boys, MJG, and 8Ball, among several others. 

V.O.C’s amazing vocals, poetry, captivating, honest, and accurate storytelling, amazing and unique sound, inimitable energy, and charismatic stage presence put him in a prime position to succeed in the thriving hip-hop industry. He hopes that his work will have a significant impact and profound effect on people and that he will be able to take it on a ten-city tour. 

‘Optimistic Pessimism’ gives us a solid foundation upon which to face the difficulties that life inevitably presents. Also, it’s undeniably among V.O.C.’s greatest works to date. This new record is proof of his artistic prowess and the reasons his record label, Outta Bounds Inc, takes pride in his work. Because he incorporates all of these elements—passion, life experiences, abilities, and artistry—into his music, V.O.C. is a Hip-Hop artist the world really needs to keep an eye on. 

You can download and stream the album “Optimistic Pessimism” and other works of V.O.C. on all official music streaming sites. Listen to the full album on Apple Music here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/optimistic-pessimism/1638108919 

In addition, please see the entire discography of V.O.C. listed below. 

  1. Optimistic Pessimism – V.O.C. 
  2. So Uncommon – V.O.C. 
  3. Bankin Burnin’ – V.O.C. 
  4. Fear Factor – V.O.C. 
  5. Hustler’s Slang – V.O.C. 
  6. Check My Stats – V.O.C. 
  7. How Bout It – V.O.C. 
  8. So Supreme – V.O.C. 


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