Careers are Advanced Through Project Management Training

Top-tier training through the Project Management Training Institute changes the trajectory of careers and business operations

  For the uninitiated, project management may sound like someone who works in an organization does naturally. Setting goals for a task, keeping tabs on who is doing what, and documenting outcomes can be part of many jobs. However, actual professional project management takes intense training and dedication to master. 

 Yad Senapathy, founder and CEO of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI), has tapped into what aspiring project managers need in terms of training. 

 “In the end, results matter. That’s what we focused on in this company. In 2003, we pioneered and led the charge of holding ourselves accountable for results with a 100% money-back guarantee. It takes the ambiguity out for the student so they focus on learning.” says Yad. 

 It’s this focus on top-tier results and training high-achieving project managers that has made PMTI a leader in project management training. By providing intensive Project Management Professional (PMP) boot camps and both online and in-person training options, PMTI has helped over 80,000 PMP certificate candidates. 

 What makes those holding PMP certification different from a person who simply manages projects at work? Project Management training dives deep into the ins and outs of project management theory, risk management, and even some organizational psychology. The training prepares students to take the PMP certification test, which has increased in difficulty over the years. 

 Holding a PMP certification can lead to career success. One only needs to scan job listings to see that employers regularly request a PMP certification. A PMP certification makes someone marketable in an increasingly competitive mid-to-upper level management market. 

 Agile project management methodology is used worldwide, and the majority of organizations find that implementing a specific project management methodology is critical to ensuring business success. 

 Being a certified project manager is also a lucrative career path with a good amount of upward mobility potential. 

 Per a 2021 PMI survey of project managers, 82% of respondents with PMP certification reported 22% higher salaries than those without a certification. In addition, 72% of the certified professionals reported that their total compensation increased over the next 12 months after completing the PMP Certification training and taking the exam.

 A PMP certification is an obvious path to a better-paying career with a bright future. Training through expert organizations such as PMTI allows access to the most up-to-date methodologies and approaches. As businesses pivot to meet the demand of ever-evolving ideology and technology, project management training will adapt to meet the needs of students and employers. 


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