Can You Really Learn How to Create Generational Wealth in 8 Minutes? Real Estate Investor Andre Calloway says, “Yes, you can.”

Can You Really Learn How to Create Generational Wealth in 8 Minutes? Real Estate Investor Andre Calloway says, "Yes, you can."
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Real estate investor Andre Calloway is proof that creating generational wealth in 8 minutes is possible. From selling cell phones at a kiosk in the mall to closing global technology deals with Fortune 100 companies, Andre’s journey was far from a straight line to success. 

Andre was not content with just a job. Fueled by ambitions of financial independence, he took a deep dive into real estate, soaking up knowledge from books and conferences for about a year before making his first move. He dabbled in Airbnb rentals and even considered assisted living investments, but what caught his attention was the world of Section 8 real estate investing.

Starting with a single property in St. Louis, Missouri, Andre successfully leveraged his tech sales income to build a $1.7 million portfolio of 16 single-family homes in 18 months. And he did this while still holding down his full-time job, highlighting his immense determination and resilience.

Andre’s roots made Section 8 real estate an intuitive choice. Witnessing firsthand the assistance his family received, including Section 8 housing, he recognized the hurdles families on government aid face and felt compelled to offer quality housing to Section 8 tenants. For him, it wasn’t just business; it was personal.

However, breaking into the Section 8 market was challenging. Andre had to figure out various issues, from understanding crime rates in potential investment locations to maximizing his investment returns. Yet, with innovative strategies, like swiftly renovating properties and refinancing them, and by being judicious in his choice of property managers, Andre managed to carve a sustainable and lucrative business model.

Learning the ins and outs of the industry, Andre soon realized that external property management companies were unreliable. After some setbacks, he decided to take charge, forging connections with experts and finding a dependable handyman and construction firm for major repairs.

Andre’s journey isn’t just about financial success; it’s a testament to the transformative power of education, hard work, and a relentless desire to improve. He has an online course titled “Section 8 in 8 Minutes”, where he relays all his experiences and learnings, providing a comprehensive guide for those who want to start investing in this sector. 

Rising from a humble minimum wage job without a formal degree, Andre’s story inspires anyone who feels they are destined for greater things. His success proves it’s within reach for those trapped in unsatisfying jobs or eager to transform their efforts into lasting legacies. He now seeks a life beyond his lucrative tech sales role, prioritizing family time and making a difference through mentorship and teaching the next generation about wealth creation.

Andre envisions a future where he works full-time in his business, supported by his family while serving as a volunteer basketball coach for his kids. He aspires to teach underprivileged and at-risk youth about real estate and wealth building.

Can you really learn how to create generational wealth in just 8 minutes? According to Andre, the answer is a resounding “Yes, you can.” But remember, this isn’t just about information. The critical factor here, something no course can teach you, is your unbreakable will to succeed.


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