Business Mogul Armen Mardirousi Embarks on New Leadership Journey as CEO of American Global Freights

Business Mogul Armen Mardirousi Embarks on New Leadership Journey as CEO of American Global Freights
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Accomplished entrepreneur Armen Mardirousi, lauded for his diverse portfolio of ventures, is set to take the helm as CEO of American Global Freights (AGF), a reputed non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and ocean freight forwarder (OFF). Mardirousi, often referred to as the “Business Yogi,” seamlessly integrates yogic principles of mindfulness and equilibrium with ground-breaking business strategies, capitalizing on his prolific 25-year entrepreneurial journey. 

Under Mardirousi’s stewardship, American Global Freights aims to refine its interstate brokerage services, fostering fortified bonds between shippers and scrupulously chosen carriers. Upholding its standing as a licensed ocean transportation intermediary, AGF under its new CEO aspires to cultivate a culture of advancement and growth, remaining faithful to its mission of delivering dependable logistics solutions.

A practitioner of Kundalini yoga, Mardirousi stands as a symbol of adaptability, having founded several successful businesses across varied sectors such as technology with, interstate logistics and ocean freight with, and real estate through Through his initiative, he shares his deep understanding of yoga and meditation to aid business owners in maneuvering the complexities of entrepreneurship, harmonizing personal development with business proficiency.

“Success for me is reaching one’s utmost potential and being encircled by loved ones,” reflects Mardirousi, expressing his perspective for a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship. “The measure of my life’s success will be when my grown children willingly choose to spend time with me.”

American Global Freights stands on the brink of a momentous expansion. In alignment with Neolynx’s innovative AI and Web3 initiatives, and R3ES’s persistent commitment to fostering home ownership dreams, AGF’s resolve to diversify its interstate brokerage services promises to catalyze substantial progress in the industry.

Fast forward to five years from now, Mardirousi sees himself as a respected business mentor and venture capitalist, with an extended influence in multiple sectors. As he guides American Global Freights and his wide array of businesses towards uncharted territories, Mardirousi personifies the ethos of entrepreneurship, merging the serenity of yoga with the vigor of business. 

Amid these thrilling developments, Mardirousi’s diverse business empire continues to pioneer new paths. Neolynx, a data-centric website development service in operation since 1999, is spearheading a novel initiative to support businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 projects, while offering its solid website development solutions. 

R3ES, a real estate enterprise dedicated to the vision of homeownership, remains committed to servicing homebuyers and sellers in the Greater Los Angeles area. Complemented by Mardirousi’s Kundalini yoga initiative,, which emphasizes enabling individuals to surmount trauma, unlock their creativity, and establish enduring relationships, his business portfolio is experiencing a rising trajectory. 

Guided by a philosophy that pairs business acumen with a conscious lifestyle, Mardirousi explains, “Achieving one’s highest potential is the embodiment of true success… Being surrounded by loved ones is a blessing, an affirmation of a life meaningfully lived.”

Striking a balance between his business passion and the peace of yogic teachings, Mardirousi isn’t just building enterprises – he’s cultivating communities, fostering talent, and playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of business.

As American Global Freights embarks on a fresh chapter under Mardirousi’s leadership, the company is poised to make substantial advancements in the logistics industry. 

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