Brookens Construction: How The Unbreakable Bond Of Brothers Led To Victory In Wisconsin

Brookens Construction: How The Unbreakable Bond Of Brothers Led To Victory In Wisconsin
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This is the inspiring story of how brothers and co-founders Aaron Brookens and Brandon Allen turned their business Brookens Construction into an Inc Top 5000.


Aaron Brookens, the Co-Owner of Brookens Construction, stands proudly next to the business he aimed to create and now calls home. With an unbridled passion and unyielding commitment to bring reliability, excellence, and a transformative touch to the roofing industry, he ventured into the residential and multi-family space, propelling his business to greater heights. 

Although his journey eventually succeeded, his voyage wasn’t easy when he first set sail. But their impressive growth has earned it a spot at number 1372 on the 2023 Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in 2023. 

Today, with specializations in roof replacement and gutters, Brookens Construction proudly operates in Madison and multiple areas, including Fox Valley and Milwaukee. 

“I had been in the industry for a while working for a few companies as a salesman,” he explains. “However, I just couldn’t find a ‘home,’ so I decided to start my own business.” After a sleepless night of setting everything up, making the logo, and more, a significant challenge arose when Aaron fell short of hands.

Working alone, he desperately tried to keep everything in tip-top shape, but the business shifted with no software or CRM devices to safely hold his rising roofing clients’ contracts. Yet, thanks to his devotion, he persevered. And with a “chip on his shoulder,” he continued his mission to prove to his best friend, mentor, and big brother, Brandon, that his dream was achievable.

Then, the prospect of working together came to fruition. 

“At the end of the year, he sent me a screenshot of the business’s success,” says co-founder and operations manager Brandon Allen. “At that moment, I knew he was serious about taking this business off the ground. From there, everything just naturally came together.”

The power of partnership and the bond of brotherhood took flight. By combining their strengths and eliminating each other’s weaknesses, the duo formed a united front to boost their insurance restoration construction company. 

Thanks to solid work ethics and shared passions, their joint venture, Brookens Construction, has not only transformed industry standards but, since 2015, has continued to be hailed as a roofing leader in Southern Wisconsin. 

“Most of the roofs we replace are hail-damaged roofs, but what’s interesting is that even if it is hit with a three-inch hailstone, the roof doesn’t always show signs of leaking right away,” explains Aaron. “But that’s where we come in.” 

The last few years has seen unprecedented growth for Brookens. Last year they passed $26 million in business–a huge jump from 2019 when they did $3.5 million.


At Brookens Construction, their top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on taking the time to thoroughly educate and understand their client’s needs and goals before making any commitments. 

“If there’s hail damage, we’ll identify it, put it into a damage report, and show you what we’re seeing on the roof,” says Aaron. “We’re offering a free inspection, no strings attached.” From here, they will agree to meet with an insurance adjuster, where, at this point, there is still no payment, no contract, or commitment required from the homeowner. 

Once your claim has been approved, the team will work closely with clients to choose the ideal product and colors that suit their needs. After finalizing the proposal and receiving a signature, a convenient day is scheduled for the transformation. 

With their vast knowledge and expertise, the Co-Owners not only excelled in their roles but also empowered their colleagues to unlock their purpose and thrive.

“Even though we had gained success, the money was not creating fulfillment in our lives,” adds Brandon. “And as soon as we realized that our mission changed for the company. We started to focus on our impact on other people – we wanted to build leaders.”  

Brookens invests a great deal in training and empowering their employees to reach their full potential. This heavily impacts their community, as they’ve fostered a culture of growth and development that benefits everyone’s overall well-being. 

This positive ripple effect of such initiatives can be felt for generations as individuals are inspired to pursue their growth and become agents of positive change in their own right.

“To see what started as an idea come alive and happen has been a hell of a ride and super exciting,” shares Aaron. From afar, it’s evident that their business is firmly rooted in family values, and they make it a priority to provide excellent customer service in all their endeavors. 

By sourcing only the finest materials and paying meticulous attention to detail, coupled with their vast industry knowledge and expertise, the team consistently aims to deliver the highest level of service possible.

After all, for almost a decade, homeowners and property managers have trusted Brookens Construction to create functional, beautiful, cost-efficient homes and multifamily buildings.

Ultimately, Brookens Construction exemplifies excellence and embodies values that inspire and uplift. With expertise in various materials, insurance claims, and more, the top-rated roofing contractors conclude, “Don’t just take our word for it; we encourage everyone to do their own research on us. Our reputation speaks for itself.” 

Brookens Construction helps families and businesses in the Madison area and throughout Southern Wisconsin, including Fox Valley and Milwaukee.

Visit their website for more information.


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