Bridging the Art World: A Glimpse into the Life of Art Dealer Jack Baboudjian

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Sourced Photo

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Behind every great artwork displayed in a gallery or a private collection, there is often an art dealer working in the shadows, ensuring that the beauty and emotion encapsulated in every brushstroke reach the appreciative eyes of the public. One such person is the founder of Baboudjian Art, a real estate investor turned passionate art dealer whose fascinating journey we explore today.

Starting his career in the real estate industry, Baboudjian’s success bloomed as he structured investment funds and started acquiring commercial properties throughout Southern California. However, an intriguing interest in alternative investments gradually veered him towards the world of fine arts. As a side venture, Baboudjian began brokering fine artworks, while simultaneously expanding his real estate portfolio. Over the past three years, this side gig has flourished into a full-blown passion, matching the intensity of any other enterprise he has embarked upon.

Inspiration for Baboudjian comes from diverse sources. Be it blue-chip artists, museums, other galleries or art dealers, he finds an innate passion for the arts compelling. This passion is not limited to contemporary trends but also extends to the works of old masters.

Baboudjian holds the influential art dealer Joseph Duveen in high regard, reflecting Duveen’s impact on his approach towards art dealing. He considers art to play an emotional, culturally preservative, and socially positive role in society. Baboudjian acknowledges the continuously growing art market, particularly in the realm of fine arts. With increasing recognition of art’s importance, Baboudjian believes that the trajectory of the art market will maintain its upward trend as society’s economic wealth continues to expand.

In terms of the digitalization of the art world, Baboudjian sees the rise of digital platforms positively. Online exposure increases public access to artwork and boosts the art market, a beneficial situation for artists and art dealers alike. However, he also notes the continued relevance of traditional art galleries and art shows, emphasizing that not all artists and artworks are readily available online.

Baboudjian Art’s philosophy for artists starting in the art world is to find an unexplored style and creatively expand on it. The increasing impact of digital and social media platforms on contemporary art is seen as beneficial. More exposure is always better for both the artists and the art market. The rise in acquisitions via digital platforms is indicative of the democratization of art, increasing the general public’s exposure to a diverse range of artistic expressions. However, traditional buying methods through art galleries and art shows retain their importance as well, providing platforms for artists not easily found online.


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