Breaking Down Barriers with Justine Monae and Her Mission to Create a Supportive Community for Women

Justine Monae
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Women supporting women is a powerful concept that shows women coming together to uplift and encourage each other. When women support other women, it can lead to positive change that benefits not only an individual but a whole community. Social media has provided a platform for women to express themselves freely, connect with like-minded individuals, and have the ability to turn themselves into a brand. With many influencers beginning to amass followers, there was a void that needed filling. A place where these women could feel safe and have the ability to lean on someone they could trust. Justine Monae Law knew she could help fill this void and started  Justine Monae Management.

Justine Monae
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Justine Monae Management is a brand and talent agency founded and run by Justine Monae Law. Building a roster of strong, beautiful, and beyond-talented women, Justine focuses on being her clients’ biggest cheerleader. She believes “empowering women is more than just being that Boss Babe or someone of power that women can look up to. It’s also about being the cheerleader on the  sideline constantly cheering for the women on her team.” As their manager, being an inspiration is a part of the job, but Justine also finds strength and inspiration from her clients. “My girls inspire me every day and motivate me to reach new goals. We are a team, and I want them to grow with me. I have some badass women on my roster with so much strength. I know as a manager it’s my job to  be strong and help them through anything along their career path, but the strength and dedication they put into their work inspires me daily.” 

Of course, it is not easy juggling many clients who have different values, goals, and priorities. Justine represents women from different races, class, sexual orientations, and other identities. From small-town girls like Cassidy Payne and Mikaila Murphy, who followed their dreams to LA and have taken over all social media platforms, to middle eastern beauty Ilo Musk who dominates as one of the few women making waves in the hookah world, to super moms Jasmine Miggins and Liz who manage to juggle motherhood with careers. Makeup artist DD Kaz and Juliana who are experts in the fields, to Kiana Vestuto, who has conquered the fitness world. Superstars like Stalone and Lexi Nitz who are finding their path in the entertainment world to jack-of-all-trades Courtney Sanderson.  

Ignoring societal expectations and stereotypes, Justine has built a safe and supportive space for sharing experiences, providing advice, and building relationships. Justine Monae Management is so much more than a business; it is a family.  

Working hard to break down the culture of competition among women and focus on growing together.  

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Photos by: Monsee Wood @monseeworld 

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