Bloodline Beauty: Unveiling Beauty Secrets And Captivating Viewers One TikTok Live At A Time

Bloodline Beauty
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The TikTok revolution has been well documented, from privacy concerns to epic viral challenges, but less publicized is how #beauty is a major industry within itself that many may not be aware of. Bloodline Beauty, founded by 14-year makeup industry veteran, Deanne Vanwinkle, is very aware of the benefits and is taking full advantage of this global collaborator.

With over 100 billion #beauty views, TikTok is already a pivotal driving force for beauty enthusiasts, brands, and industry professionals. A staggering 89% of TikTok users have converted their love of content into actual purchasing power. This trend is exceptionally prevalent among Gen Z and Millennials, with 71% and 52% respectively, turning likes into physical and virtual objects.

Bloodline Beauty understands reach and influence. The algorithms deliver an untapped segment of potential clients during every new stream. The platform’s collaborations with beauty brands often evolve into exclusive content and high-ticket collaborations, a future BB is eagerly awaiting. 

 The underlying influence of TikTok lies in its vast and dedicated audience, making it an indispensable network to authentically connect with a desired demographic. The tool becomes even more potent when used Live.

Bloodline Beauty
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TikTok generated $2 billion in sales in 2021 and the runaway momentum shows no signs of abating. A dumbfounding $120 billion in sales is predicted by 2023, and Vanwinkle wants her slice of the global pie.

With a continuous deluge of elegant new products, BB’s sales and engagement are at historic levels. Maximized exposure in the global marketplace has made its high-quality makeup, exquisite lashes, fashion apparel, and captivating jewelry certified top sellers.

Certain categories have found their stride, including fashion, beauty, and home goods. Bloodline Beauty takes weekly opportunities to use its membership in this trinity to harness the potential of live shopping.

Vanwinkles’s enterprise thrives by heeding a few strategic considerations, such as:

  1. Pre-Event Promotion: Bloodline fans the flames of anticipation throughout the week to maximize excitement among target and peripheral audiences.
  2. Visual and Auditory Excellence: Bloodline Beauty relies on high-quality production to attract and maintain viewership seeking more immersive experiences.
  3.  Engagement and Information: BB Lives are not only entertaining but also informative, addressing viewer comments in real-time and nurturing a real sense of community engagement.
  4. Incentives for Purchase: Bloodline Beauty offers discount specials, limited-time promotions, and exclusive deals during the live stream as loyalty rewards for viewers who support the brand live. 
  5. Streamlined Purchasing Process: Vanwinkle makes buying simple with direct links to featured products to simplify the purchasing process. 

    Bloodline Beauty
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More Than Expected

Every Saturday at 6:00 PM PST, Bloodline Beauty declassifies coveted beauty secrets and unveils new releases to its sizable Bloodline community. Beauty enthusiasts are ushered into the world of cosmetics, apparel, and timeless elegance.

The self-taught makeup artist and e-commerce entrepreneur fellowships with beauty evangelists about the products and techniques she used on hit shows, like The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Mob Wives, Bad Girls Club, and 90 Day Fiancé. From stunning lashes and cosmetic essentials, to branded apparel, and eye-catching jewelry, Vanwinkle embodies the very essence of the brand.

 Live streams aren’t simply about showcasing products and gaining sales; they’re an interactive collaboration, where viewers can ask questions, share comments, and become an essential part of the brand for a few hours. The lasting personal connection is designed to greatly outlast the stream.

Bloodline Beauty
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 “Authenticity” may seem like an overused catchphrase, but live streaming allows Vanwinkle to show more than just quality products, an inclusive mindstate, and a fair price point. The founder is able to address concerns, provide demonstrations, and dispel any doubts real-time while exposing more of  her personality to the world. The entrepreneur’s message and voice is able to shine through unimpeded.

Live streaming is about seizing the moment, and independent brands aren’t allowed to miss any golden opportunities. Copping deals becomes a fun race against time, versus a passive exercise, when exclusive deals, flash sales, and time-sensitive offers are put on the virtual table. 

The exhilaration of winning a great deal is becoming the new opiate of the masses. Lives are all-access passes to pull back the curtain to spend time with the wizard. Bloodline Beauty provides makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and other invaluable insights about the transformative benefits of BB cosmetics.

Bloodline Beauty doesn’t go live to promote products; they’re about shaping an original approach to customer engagement by creating memories, moments, connections, and a singular beauty experience. 

Accept the invitation and become immersed in the celebration of beauty, one live stream at a time!

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