Beverley Vaughn Coaching: Making Ripples in the Industry and the World

Sometimes, what it takes to break through in life is the help of a revolutionary coach who will help you see things from another perspective. That’s what Beverley Vaughn, an celebrated life coach with a knack for transformation and discovery, does daily. Through her highly successful coaching business and other platforms, she’s out to change as many lives as she can by speaking hope and motivation to a captive audience who’s ready to experience God’s best for them. 

Apart from being an in-demand coach, Beverley is also a speaker, author, televangelist, and celebrity radio personality, among many others. Despite all her expressions of work, she has one singular goal: to lead and empower people into success, most especially in business and entrepreneurship. Vaughn has crafted and delivered multiple life-transforming seminars which have helped its attendees discover their gifts and maximize their potential. Her most notable programs include The 1099 Shift, Purpose 101, Impact Influencer Purpose Teleseminar, and Awakei Day Sessions. The speaker and coach has not only reached a national audience but a global one, speaking to people from various parts of the world. 

As a speaker, Beverley is disruptive both to the audience and the industry. Her unique and strategic insights regarding transformational work and business strategy have helped thousands of her students and listeners get better results in their careers and other life aspects. As a result, she has pushed the boundaries of transformational coaching and business training.  

Beverley Vaughn combines thirty-three years of experience in global sales as a Corporate Global Sales Manager with twenty years in Christian ministry. The two schools of thought have helped her develop an inspirational and informational approach to the education process, also bringing to the plate a “fiery linguistic prowess,” as one attendee once put it, to help others dig deep into themselves and achieve extraordinary feats they never thought they could before.

The coach and speaker has appeared on many publications and news outlets, including NBC, Atlanta Wire, The Chicago Journal, American Business Stars, New York Weekly, U.S. Universities, Colleges The Word Network, and International Stages, to name a few. Her work is revered by practitioners, speakers, and audiences, with some willing to part with as much as five figures in learning investments to pick the business and life coach’s brain. 

Alongside her business, Beverley also leads At His Feet Ministry, a dynamic organization that inspires individuals through messages of hope and life. Despite running multiple organizations and exchanging hats regularly, Beverley can do it with finesse and balance, providing one hundred percent to both her marketplace and ministry work and bringing so much value to people who come to her. Vaughn reverts all glory to the Father in all she does and seeks only to do the work He has called her into as long as she can. 

Beverley Vaughn hopes to build her platform and continue spreading the Good News to everyone with a listening ear and consequently helping them tap into the blessed purpose that the Lord has in store for them. In addition, she continues to train and equip others and will commit herself to sharpen people’s business and life skills for many years to come.

To learn more about the speaker and trainer and her transformational programs, visit her website and Linkedin profile.


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