Bethanee Epifani, Author of Don’t Fall Prey!, Addresses the Great Divide in Healthy Dating

Bethanee Epifani
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According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, 49% of adults in the United States report that their relationship is a significant source of stress. The National Institute of Mental Health has found that about 16.2 million adults in the U.S. have experienced at least one major depressive episode related to their romantic relationship. Despite the pursuit of happiness and companionship, dating and relationships can often evoke feelings of stress and anxiety, which highlights the need for effective knowledge of oneself and how to face any emotional challenges in a healthy way, which begins with a solid foundation. 

Bethanee Epifani, author of Don’t Fall Prey!, is seeking to change the narrative in the dating world and address these issues head on through her books and upcoming event on May 20, 2023. 

“I decided to write Don’t Fall Prey! because my girlfriends and I were talking, laughing, and sharing our dating frustrations. And I wanted to capture the insight from those conversations in a book. The goal is to help people,” Epifani said. 

Epifani’s passions have focused on creating this book along with a newly released poetry book, all of which focus on utilizing three keys to figuring out how to have the best experiences when dating. “I don’t want to be viewed as a ‘dating guru’ — but I hope my ideas will spark honest and open conversations about dating,” she said. 

Understand Your Own Needs

Bethanee Epifani has curated three key tips to keep in mind for a healthier dating life. The first is to have a clear understanding of what you want before you enter a relationship. She states that when you are clearer about what qualities, characteristics, and the reason why you want a relationship, it helps one find a better partner for their desires and needs. 

Learn to Love Yourself

The second tip is to make sure to have a healthy relationship with yourself first before someone else enters the picture. Knowing yourself is the first step to loving yourself. “Dating someone else when you do not love yourself can make you way more susceptible to falling prey to a poor partnership.” 

Setting Your Boundaries

Finally, Epifani says that people should be more mindful of their emotional and physical boundaries. She points out that knowing your boundaries is the first step and voicing those boundaries to your potential partner is the next step. It is the fear of losing a potential partner that prevents people from voicing what they need. Boundaries are not about keeping people out, they are about internally and externally maintaining a safe space. 

What began as a book to help women know themselves better for a better future in dating, Don’t Fall Prey! has now been influential for both men and women to avoid falling prey to the idea that they are unworthy or do not deserve healthy romantic encounters, or that the person you are looking for is not out there. 

The desire for connection is one that is constantly trying to be filled by millennials in particular.  People are desperately seeking that connection, but it’s hard because we don’t have an understanding of who we are — which affects behavior, patterns, and communications. Addressing those issues is a good first step for building a foundation for healthy, romantic relationships.

“I’m hoping I’ll be known as someone who creates safe spaces for healing dialogue to take place, and people can be a part of cultivating a good energy,” Epifani said. 

Epifani’s upcoming event on May 20th is seeking to create a space for people to discuss romantic relationships openly and spark the much-needed conversations about dating and finding the right person for a good, healthy relationship. As a “bonus” to this event, Bethanee will also introduce her latest book –  Love Prayer Poems, which is sure to add to the honest conversations and  great exchange of information about loving partnerships.

To begin your journey to find the right relationship, check out Bethanee Epifani’s –  Don’t Fall Prey! on Amazon.


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