Behind Entrepreneurship: Learn How Taylor Rozenblat Became A Successful Entrepreneur

Taylor Rozenblat is a Canadian entrepreneur and Luxury Residential Real Estate Broker , based in Montreal, Quebec. The entrepreneur is currently the operator of three different organizations including: Taylor Rozenblat Real Estate, Picnic MTL, & Sound and Noize —

A media and entertainment company. The successful entrepreneur has always been motivated by the idea of being her own boss. She credits a lot of her success to her unique creativity and ability to turn her ideas into operations that can be taken to market. We sat down with Taylor Rozenblat to learn more about what has allowed her to become a successful entrepreneur.


Taylor stresses the importance of protecting your energy and trusting your intuition. For the entrepreneur, her creativity has been transformed into amazing businesses that have served her local community. In one instance during the midst of the pandemic, Taylor’s creativity went to work when she noticed she had a solution for her city’s mandates on events not being allowed to be hosted. With that, Taylor realized that she could organize social distanced picnics, and in this way people would still be able to rejoice exciting festivities of life such as bridal showers, weddings & birthdays. The company PicNic MTL, Successfully catered to the needs of people in Montreal creating a buzz and business growth for Taylor. There were plenty of naysayers in this instance prior to the businesses fruition Taylor faced. The lesson Taylor wants to convey to other entrepreneurs is to trust yourself and as always follow your intuition and amazing ideas.

Handling Multiple Entities

Taylor is currently involved in three different industries between Luxury Residential Real Estate, media /entertainment, & event hosting. Some would see this as too broad of an approach to be able to grow each business vertical accordingly. Creatively, Taylor has designed each of her entities services to allow for cross pollination. By offering different services, Taylor has been able to build trust in her community through each of her clients specific needs. As time goes on those same clients come back to her for her other services. In one instance, Taylor had hosted a picnic for a client who soon after ended up listing her luxury penthouse with her and happily sold shortly after.

Lux Real Estate

Above all else, Taylor enjoys being in Luxury Residential Real Estate. Her joy for architecture / interior design & helping her clients throughout the home buying or selling process is something that she loves. Taylors arsenal of tools is expansive including her value and to clients she represents to clients in the real estate transaction process. The value Taylor provides as an agent includes her extensive knowledge of the city of Montreal and her innate ability to understand what her clients are looking for past their verbal desires. She went on to say “I am able to understand based on my clients’ vibe and energy where I can find the perfect property that will match who they are. So many go through the real estate transaction process and forget to put into consideration what the area around them is like.”

Future for Taylor

To learn more about Taylor Rozenblat, or anyone of her entities and local services that she services the amazing city of Montreal with connect with her on instagram — click here.


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