Ayat Abuznade Takes on the Challenge of Helping the Victims of Global Crises

When you take the time to search on the Internet about the condition of the world’s nations, you will find that countries are experiencing crises due to several factors. Some of nations’ most significant problems are hunger, conflict and sickness, to name a few. Yet, these crises, as heartbreaking as they may be, are also the birthplaces of unique individuals who would rise to heed the call of serving the world. Ayat Abuznade is one of them. 

Ayat Abuznade is the founder of Team Humanity USA, a non-profit organization launched in 2019 to provide emergency crisis care and relief and rescue to refugees worldwide. Part of the founder’s motivation is to bring awareness to the world’s people about the great need of the victims so that they would be compelled to support them in any way possible. 

Ayat Abuznade’s drive and fuel to continue bringing aid and assistance to crises victims  worldwide came to life when she first volunteered in the Zaatari Refugee Camp, the largest refugee camp for Syrian survivors that became a permanent residence on the border of Syria and Jordan. 

The compassionate leader came to know the harsh conditions of the families and the traumatic effects of war on innocent people. In this place, Ayat met an 8-year-old boy named Yaseen. Despite having his arm amputated, Ayat noticed the cheerful countenance of the boy through his eyes. Despite facing a significant setback in his life, she felt the boy’s determination. But unfortunately, Yaseen is just one of the many victims of a missile shell that took away his left arm while trying to look for safety nearby. 

Ever since that day, Ayat Abuznade solemnly swore that she would do everything in her power to uplift and inspire the victims of crises worldwide. Furthermore, she promised to restore the hope and happiness the victims once had; this is why the compassionate founder is still going around the world to fulfill her mission. 

However, despite the turning point of Ayat, she admits that there are tremendous challenges that go along with helping the victims recover. The pandemic amplified the magnitude of these crises over the past two years. Just recently, the war between Russia and Ukraine has taken the lives of innocent citizens of both nations. Despite all that the has done, Ayat acknowledges that she can’t save everyone. But instead of allowing cynicism to take over, she uses that epiphany as fuel to keep pushing beyond her limits and growing her network so she can multiply her efforts. 

Ayat Abuznade has made significant contributions to combating the crises of the world. As a result, she has been honored with the Anthem Awards Gold and Silver as the Humanitarian Product and Service Leader of the Year. 

As the compassionate leader continues to fulfill their mission, she said that outstanding accomplishments start with a series of small ones brought together. She then adds: “Give with all of your heart, knowing you will get nothing in return. Those who are fortunate can save people and instill hope and happiness back in the lives of people suffering fleeing war.”

You can visit Ayat Abuznade’s Instagram account to know more about their noble work. 


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