Automobile Consultant Krish Taylor Shares Two Decade Journey in the Automobile Industry

Purchasing an automobile is one of the most significant decisions one can make. Hence, people need a reliable automobile consultant to guide them through the process, ensuring that they drive away with a vehicle that will truly cater to their needs. Krish Taylor has been tirelessly assisting clients with their automobile needs for over two decades, and he shows the empathetic side every salesperson needs to have in the industry.

Krish Taylor was raised by a single mother and his grandparents. With perseverance and passion, he entered the automobile industry in October 1999, after transitioning from the printing industry. With his background in sales working with Bert’s Men & Boys in Memphis, TN, he wanted to help people as much as he could to make the right decisions in purchasing their vehicle.

Taylor has faced all kinds of customers, from those buying their first car to those who want to add more to their ever-growing collection. He has seen customers change as well over the years, going from someone who wants sporty vehicles to one needing more practical automobiles for their family. Yet despite the changes and the diverse people he serves daily, Taylor stays reliable through and through.

In 2004, Taylor started establishing his brand as “Your Automobile Concierge,” seeing how he has successfully grown his network of trusting clients. At the time, he also realized that he was making an impact on his customers.

“I love taking customers from ‘just looking’ to ‘I didn’t come out to buy today, but I feel good about my decision,’” shared Taylor. “Being at Chuck Hutton Toyota these past years has shown me my development in mindset as well. I’m more calm and less eager to just make the car deal but learning more about my customers to give them more of what I have to offer them, their neighbors, and family for years to come,” he added.

Asked what separates him from others in his field, Taylor emphasized that he carefully listens to what the customers need instead of just pushing them to purchase an automobile right away. He ensures that every deal is geared to fulfill the needs of his clients and suited to their payment parameters. Krish listens twice as much as he talks and provides customers with vehicles that would complement their lifestyle.

Furthermore, the automobile expert shared how unfortunate it is to see many in his industry tarnish the reliability of good salespeople, all for the sake of making a sale. “I see how rushing a customer through the sales process, would have customers return time after time for more information that they couldn’t answer or either get a product specialist to go over the missed information again for the customer,” shared Taylor.

In five years, Taylor sees himself potentially increasing his sales by 35% to maintain his great standards as a great salesman and providing great customer service to all. As an automobile consultant, Taylor is eager to cope with the constant changes in technology in the automobile industry and aims to reach more people to help in his career.

Krish Taylor is currently an associate with Chuck Hutton Toyota located at 4601 Hutton Way, in Memphis, TN where he gives clients nothing but the best services.


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