Automation Agency Established by Leo Horacio Generates $10M in Sales in Just 12 Months, Reveals Key Factors for Success

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Starting a new business has always been challenging, and achieving success in a short period can seem impossible. Entrepreneurs must navigate through a myriad of challenges, including finding funding, developing a business plan, building a customer base, and establishing a brand. Yet, despite all obstacles, some entrepreneurs defy the norm and achieve impressive results in a relatively short period. 

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Leo Horacio, who has defied the odds by achieving $10 million in sales within 12 months of establishing his automation agency. With his knowledge, expertise, and determination, he grew a community of more than 250,000 Latino entrepreneurs who are now achieving their paths of success in their respective fields. 

Horacio shares the factors that contributed to his success, and the lessons business owners can learn from his achievements.

Identifying a gap in the market

One of the critical factors that led to Horacio’s success was his ability to spot what could make the market function much more efficiently. After establishing an ad agency at 17, he recognized the rising trend of eCommerce and how companies struggled to streamline their operations and reduce costs. He saw this as an opportunity to provide automation solutions to help businesses perform their transactions more effectively.  

The success has paved the way for the establishment of Horacio’s automation company, Luna Automation Agency. According to Horacio, unlike conventional agencies that rely on manual processes and outdated technologies, his automation agency has taken a different approach by integrating high-level automation technologies into its operations. 

This innovative approach allows the agency to simplify eCommerce operations and provide clients a more streamlined and efficient service. By automating everything from order processing and inventory management to customer service and marketing, the agency can deliver faster and more cost-effective solutions to its clients.

Through the company’s innovative business model, Horacio’s automation agency has become one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world, building more than 350+ online automated eCommerce businesses for more than 300 investors and 9000 clients.

Horacio mentions, “By focusing on this niche and adapting to the current eCommerce trend, I was able to build a client base quickly and establish my agency as a leader in the industry, thus paving the way for success.”

Building a strong team

Horacio adds that another key factor that led to his success was his ability to trust in his people. Recognizing he could not do everything on his own, Horacio invested in hiring talented and experienced professionals who shared his vision for his agency. 

He has assembled a team of well-versed experts in various business areas, such as market research, branding, importation, logistics, and shipping. Horacio states that his team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure the agency’s clients receive the highest quality service and support. 

“We decided to build everything for our clients and investors. We have a team of experts in every business area, market research, product, branding, importation, logistics, marketing, customer service, and even shipping, who make the work done easily and effectively,” he explains.

Horacio adds that by building a team aligned with his goals, he could delegate responsibilities and focus on the areas where he could add the most value. He mentions that his team helped him facilitate his company and their clients’ growth.

Focusing on the big picture

Horacio did not allow himself to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of running his business. Instead, he remained focused on his long-term goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them. From being an immigrant in the United States at 11 years old to becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs in the automation industry, Horacio’s focus and determination enabled him to continue and overcome. Despite facing numerous challenges, he was determined to succeed, pursuing entrepreneurship to keep moving forward.

The determination and perseverance undoubtedly paid off. At 22 years old, Horacio made his first million dollars, which he used to create Luna University to help his community and other inspiring entrepreneurs. 

Currently, his automation company has achieved a revenue milestone of 100 million dollars for their clients’ stores and has maintained an average of 25 million dollars per year.

By keeping his eye on the prize and leveraging automation and expert knowledge, Horacio achieved these impressive feats and rose above today’s challenging economic climate. 

Luna Automation Agency, led by Horacio, has become a leader in the industry, serving clients across different sectors and helping them achieve their business goals. However, Horacio mentions that his success doesn’t stop there. His goal is to continue navigating through uncharted paths, develop more innovative technologies that would impact thousands of lives and make a massive change for many entrepreneurs and the Latino community.


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