Attorney Russell Nicolet on What It Takes to Become a Successful Trial Attorney

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Attorneys have long been the champions for individuals seeking justice through legal recourse. They have transformed millions of lives, assisting them in fighting against all the wrongdoings. One such well-known attorney making a significant impact in this space is Russell Nicolet. It is an honor to interview Russell Nicolet, a distinguished trial attorney and the President of Nicolet Law. He has dedicated his career to establishing justice and helping those in need. Here, Russell Nicolet will share some invaluable insights from his real-life experiences to reveal what it takes to become a successful attorney. 

Q: It’s a pleasure to have you here for our readers. Mr. Nicolet, could you share your early experiences in the realm of law and justice that shaped your path to becoming a successful trial attorney? 

A: Absolutely. I started my journey as an intern for the public defender’s office and then as a law clerk for a Minnesota judge and a law clerk for a local attorney. These roles provided me with a well-rounded view of the legal landscape. I devoted myself to legal research at the Washington County Law Library to give my clients any possible advantage while saving them the expenses of highly-priced legal research programs. I encountered clients facing some of the most challenging situations in life. It ignited a passion within me to help those in need, which continues to this day. 

Q: That’s impressive. Can you tell us about some of the challenges you encountered and the ways you overcame them, especially when you are the first in your family to enter this profession? 

A: There have been significant challenges as I ventured into uncharted territory. The key, for me, was relentless determination. I was focused on enhancing my knowledge and skills consistently. I had mentors who helped me with their expertise. The countless hours I devoted at the Washington County Law Library as a young attorney were part of my commitment to my clients, which eventually helped me develop myself. My obsession with solving the problems of my clients’ grew intense, and I started getting better every day. 

Q: Can you share a memorable moment or achievement in your career? 

A: The awards are humbling, but I treasure my most cherished moments with people I’ve had the privilege to represent. Achieving exceptional results in some of the largest settlements and verdicts has been incredibly rewarding. It also feels gratifying to see lawyers at Nicolet Law thrive in their profession. 

Q: We would love to know more about the journey of Nicolet Law from a one-person law office to a multi-state firm. 

A: Nicolet Law started with a simple goal: to help others. Even though the firm expanded to three states with dozens of dedicated employees, the core mission remains unchanged. The team at Nicolet Law understands that what we do is not just a job but to fulfill a mission to support those who need it most. We work tirelessly to serve the hard-working people and families in the Midwest. 

Q: Where do you see yourself and Nicolet Law a few years down the line? 

A: As a trial attorney, I will continue to advocate for injured individuals in the Midwest. It is important to hold insurance companies and large corporations accountable for the injuries they cause to others. Going forward, Nicolet Law will continue fighting for justice while expanding nationwide to reach and help more whose lives have been unjustly disrupted by injury. 

Thank you, Mr. Nicolet, for sharing your insights and experiences as a trial attorney. Your story will serve as a motivation for aspiring attorneys and advocates everywhere across the country.


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