A&S Investment Holding/Chairman Uğur Akkuş Announces Acquisition of North American Gold Mining Companies

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/low-angle-photo-of-curtain-wall-building-FyD3OWBuXnY
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/low-angle-photo-of-curtain-wall-building-FyD3OWBuXnY

A&S investment Holding, a family-operated holding company whose rich history spans three generations, has successfully acquired three mining companies in Canada and one in the United States. This acquisition sets the company up to significantly strengthen its presence in the North American gold market. The new ventures, which align with A&S Investment Holding’s expansion into the gold mining sector, were announced by Founder/Chairman Uğur Akkuş, a businessman with 35 years of experience. 

For over 50 years, A&S Investment Holding has been contributing to the development and modernization of Turkey. Its corporate strategy focuses on synthesizing its experience and expertise in both the domestic and foreign markets. By pursuing developmental and industrial orientations, the company aims to invest in sectors with high profit potential and achieve sustainable growth within targeted periods. This strategy has enabled A&S Investment Holding to support all of its subsidiaries in terms of operational management, corporate governance, and finance.

The company has branched out into many other promising sectors, including construction, real estate development and sales, banking and finance, investment consulting, energy, manufacturing, export, tourism, media, and communications. This diversification showcases A&S Investment Holding’s commitment to adapting to changing market dynamics and seeking new opportunities for growth. Under the leadership of Akkuş, one of Turkey’s youngest billionaires, A&S Investment Holding has achieved a net worth of over $5 billion and remains committed to quality, value, service, and excellence.

The acquisition of prominent mining companies in Canada and the United States continues the expansion of A&S Investment Holding into the North American investment market. Akkuş and his global leadership team are joined by a new CEO, Joseph Carraba, who maintains a position as a world famous gold mining CEO. Carraba will leverage his successful track record in mining to position the company for new growth in gold as well as energy and real estate sectors.

Ugur Akkus continues to build a strong gold mining board, setting up mining companies all across the United States in states such as Montana, Arizona, California, and Nevada. This makes A&S Investment Holding the largest mining consultancy company seem spreading across the world. This board of professionals include WSP members Randy Huffsmith located in Montana, Joseph Carraba in Canada, Murray Nye, Peter Leger, and American Global business man Stephen M. Russo.

“I built the campionlige board in the gold mining business,” Ugur Akkus says proudly, “We don’t need to discover America again! Instead, we will grow the gold and oil business on American soil on a global scale.”

“Gold holds a significant place in the global economy, and we recognize the potential for growth and success within this sector,” Akkuş continues. “The unveiling of our companies in 2024 will mark the beginning of our exciting journey towards becoming leaders in gold mining with the best mining board in the world which I built. Each of the acquired gold mining companies brings a wealth of experience and resources, allowing us to capitalize on the opportunities available in this lucrative industry.”

Akkuş states, “At A&S Investment Holding, we expand across North America and deepen our investments in gold mining. We will continue to diversify our global pursuits while capitalizing on multiple avenues for profitability, whether in Turkey, North America, or beyond.”

A&S Investment Holding is a highly respected holding company that for nearly 50 years has been contributing to Turkey’s development and stable economy. Its mission is to integrate new businesses based on the principles of quality, value, service, and excellence. For more information on Uğur Akkuş, A&S Investment Holding Company, and the company’s expansion into North American industries, please visit the company’s website at https://www.asinvestmentholding.com/

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