ArtVersion Creative Agency: Designing Across Industries & Non-Profit Organizations

With so many brands out there vying for their client’s attention, it’s hard not to get lost in the noise of what differentiates you from another company. In the digital marketing age, you need all the help you can get to help you stand out from countless other organizations doing similar projects. For non-profit organizations especially, that calls for a team that understands the impact you’re trying to create and one with similar visions and goals.

ArtVersion Creative Agency is a team of designers, strategists, and project managers that work across industries to help organizations solidify their branding identity in the modern market. These experts have wide-ranging experience in the digital marketing space, so they know exactly what you need to build your digital identity. They also understand the importance of creating innovative and user-centric digital designs for organizations with different missions but a common goal: helping the world for the better.

 “Our core mission is to help organizations feel proud to claim ownership of their online presence,” ArtVersion shares on its official website. The company has created branding identities, website designs, user interfaces/user experiences (UI/UX), storyboarding, animation, infographics, and more for businesses and non-profit organizations alike. With ArtVersion, you get innovative and unique experiences catered specifically to your needs.

This year, ArtVersion won multiple awards for its work with several organizations. In the 17th annual w3 Awards, the company won two awards for its website redesign and refresh for the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, a non-profit organization celebrating artists who work with three-dimensional art. The team also won one gold award in the Art category and a silver award in the Cultural Institution category. Additionally, they won a gold award in the Cause Awareness category for their work with Internet Society, a non-profit organization defending open development and use of the internet around the world.

With technology advancing rapidly, innovation in the UI/UX industry is constantly changing. New user trends and expectations show up daily, keeping brands in this industry on their toes. Succeeding requires companies to stay on top of the ever-evolving shifts and to innovate consistently with each development. The ArtVersion team does that successfully by sharing insights, discoveries, and more, ensuring they stay on the heels of the amazing UI/UX experiences that are accessible and usable. 

They also involve client feedback in their design process. As the team’s leadership explains, keeping stakeholders in the loop is essential in ensuring they are excited about new ideas for innovation. It also helps align parties on the vision, mend pain points, or adjust changes quickly. Constant consultation throughout the design process keeps a project on track and ensures all objectives are met, resulting in a strong user experience. That helped ArtVersion match designs with any non-profit and consistently helps them achieve their UX/UI goals by elevating their visibility.

As the internet changes how people interact and relate, ArtVersion hopes to continue working with changemakers and innovative thinkers to amplify their impact in the digital design realm. The team plans to keep up with new trends in the UX/UI industry, ensuring all the organizations they collaborate with, stand out by uniquely packing their message. They also hope to increase their reach and diversify their work by collaborating with new industries worldwide.

ArtVersion Creative Agency is known for its ability to work with a wide range of clients, from businesses to non-profit organizations. Their team of designers, strategists, and project managers have a wealth of experience in the digital marketing space, which allows them to understand the specific needs of their clients and create innovative and user-centric digital designs to help them stand out in the modern market.

One of the key ways that ArtVersion differentiates itself from other agencies is by involving client feedback in the design process. By keeping stakeholders in the loop and consulting with them throughout the project, they are able to ensure that all objectives are met and create a strong user experience. This approach has helped ArtVersion to consistently achieve its UX/UI goals and elevate the visibility of the organizations it works with.

In addition to its work with various industries, ArtVersion has also been recognized for its efforts in the non-profit sector. This year, the company won multiple awards for its work with organizations like the Virginia A. Groot Foundation and the Internet Society. As technology continues to evolve and new trends emerge in the UX/UI industry, ArtVersion plans to stay on the cutting edge and work with innovative thinkers to amplify their impact in the digital design realm. They hope to increase their reach and diversify their work by collaborating with new industries worldwide.


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