Angela Jimenez – Impactful Leadership at HPHA and Transformational Change

Angela Jimenez - Impactful Leadership at HPHA and Transformational Change
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In High Point, North Carolina, Angela Jimenez is closely linked with the community’s heart and spirit. At the center is Angela Jimenez, the CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of High Point (HPHA). Jimenez’s journey is a vivid illustration of dedication and resilience. Growing up in the public housing she now oversees, she transformed her early life experiences into a powerful force for organizational change. 

Jimenez’s path from a resident in HPHA to its leader is not merely a professional ascent; it symbolizes a profound understanding and commitment to the community she serves. This connection drives her to innovate and uplift the lives of HPHA’s residents. Her leadership reflects a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of empathy, education, accountability, and community engagement, making her a pivotal figure in HPHA’s mission to empower and support its residents.

A Journey from Resident to Leader

Jimenez’s journey at HPHA is a powerful illustration of full-circle leadership. Growing up in the housing units she now oversees, her childhood experiences in High Point’s public housing provided her with an unparalleled depth of insight into the lives of its residents. This early exposure to the realities of community living was pivotal in shaping her approach to leadership. 

Jimenez’s military service in the U.S. Army and her academic achievements, including an MBA from High Point University, equipped her with the skills and discipline necessary for effective leadership. But it’s her connection to the community that truly sets her apart. Her return to High Point with a vision to designate the community that raised her speaks volumes about her commitment to societal upliftment and change.

Transforming HPHA: A Vision of Empowerment

Jimenez’s leadership at HPHA is marked by a forward-thinking vision of empowerment. She was instrumental in redefining the organization’s role, shifting its focus from merely providing housing to fostering self-reliance and success among its residents. Key programs spearheaded by Jimenez include the Family Self-Sufficiency program, designed to support families in becoming independent of welfare assistance, and the Section 8 Homeownership program, which offers a pathway to homeownership for low-income families. 

Another significant initiative is the Seeds-to-Success Scholarship Program. This scholarship initiative underlines HPHA’s commitment to education and personal growth, offering financial support to residents seeking higher education. These programs signify a strategic shift in HPHA’s mission from a traditional local housing authority to a catalyst for community empowerment and individual growth and accountability.

Empathy in Leadership

At the core of Jimenez’s leadership style is a profound sense of empathy, born from her own experiences as a resident of the community she now leads. This empathetic approach is not just about understanding the challenges faced by HPHA residents; it’s about actively working to create solutions that address these challenges. Jimenez’s leadership is a blend of personal insight and professional acumen, enabling her to connect with residents on a deeper level. 

This connection is evident in her efforts to dismantle stereotypes and barriers that often limit public housing residents. By promoting programs encouraging self-sufficiency and growth, Jimenez is not just leading an organization; she’s nurturing a community and inspiring a new generation of leaders. Her approach is a testament to the power of leadership rooted in understanding, compassion, and a genuine commitment to positive change.

Welcoming Technology and Partnerships

Angela Jimenez’s tenure at HPHA is marked by a strategic embrace of technology and a commitment to building robust partnerships. Recognizing the digital era’s potential, she was pivotal in integrating technological solutions to streamline HPHA’s operations and enhance service delivery. This digital transformation was particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted support to residents.

Beyond technology, Jimenez placed a strong emphasis on partnerships. Understanding that collaboration is key to comprehensive community development, she actively sought and nurtured alliances with local businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. These partnerships have broadened HPHA’s resource pool and diversified the services available to residents, encompassing aspects like job training, educational programs, and health services. Under Jimenez’s leadership, this holistic approach signifies a paradigm shift in how housing authorities contribute to community welfare.

The Future Vision

Jimenez’s vision for HPHA is forward-looking and ambitious. She envisions an organization that provides housing and plays a central role in breaking the cycles of poverty and enabling community upliftment. One of the key aspects of this vision is the new housing development, Legacy Ridge Apartments. These are not just structures; they represent the evolution of public housing into thriving community hubs.

Legacy Ridge and similar developments are designed to be more than homes; they are envisioned as foundations for a better future. These developments incorporate amenities and services that foster community engagement, education, and economic development. Jimenez’s vision extends to creating environments where residents can access opportunities that encourage personal growth, from skill development to entrepreneurship.

A Story of Personal Triumph

Jimenez’s journey from an HPHA resident to its CEO is a narrative of extraordinary personal triumph. It’s a story that highlights the transformative power of resilience, education, and community support. Her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective on residents’ challenges, infusing her leadership with empathy and a deep commitment to positive change. 

Reflecting on her journey, Jimenez eloquently states, “I have learned that I can cry and pray simultaneously. I can hurt and hope at the same time. I could turn my sorrow into strength, my pain into purpose, and continue to win while wounded.” This profound insight encapsulates the depth of her resilience and the transformative power of her experiences, shaping her into a leader who understands the challenges of her community and embodies the strength to overcome them.

This journey is not just inspiring but also reflective of the potential within each HPHA resident. Jimenez stands as a living example that individuals can overcome adversity and achieve great heights with the right support, opportunities, and environment. Her story is a testament to the belief that one’s beginnings do not define their future but can serve as a powerful motivator for change and success.

Looking Forward

Angela Jimenez’s leadership at HPHA is more than a professional achievement; it’s a model of community empowerment. Her journey mirrors the transformation she strives to bring about in High Point’s public housing – a transformation rooted in empathy, innovation, and a profound commitment to uplifting those around her.


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