Anamaria Bozga: Rosenheim’s Premier Pole Dance Instructor on the Rise

Pole dancing has become a popular dance form in recent years, with many people trying it out for themselves. But it doesn’t take more than a few wipeout videos to show that it’s not as easy as it looks. Accordingly, Anamaria Bozga, a pole dancer and instructor based in Rosenheim, Germany, has risen in popularity and influence both as a performer and teacher. 

Anamaria Bozga is a pole dance instructor who currently teaches classes around her current home place of Rosenheim. Her classes have become in high demand, especially after getting noticed on YouTube and Instagram for her various video numbers. Anamaria’s pole dance studio, Delia Pole Dance Rosenheim, has grown immensely since it started, taking students from all walks of life and various ages. 

But getting to the level she is now at today wasn’t a walk in the park. Anamaria Bozga graduated with a degree in Tourism at the age of twenty-one. She had already worked various jobs by then, including selling shoes and waiting tables just to make ends meet. She came from a family of humble economic background and knew what it was like to struggle for bread early on. But what Anamaria had from the very start was a desire to get ahead and a work ethic that would get her there. 

After graduating, Anamaria would move from place to place, looking for opportunities to grow her career. While staying in Italy, she came across pole dancing. She was already twenty-four at that point, but she would quickly discover that she had a talent and passion for the craft. She would give all she had to perfect her craft, improving her form and artistry on the pole. With time, she would develop a remarkable skill for dancing and even appear on “Romania’s Got Talent.” With time, she would start posting content on her Instagram, gaining as many as 22,000 followers and growing to this day. Her YouTube channel would also explode, with as many as 20,000 subscribers and over 3 million views. 

Eventually, Bozga would open her studio, Delia Rosenheim, which would become the first-ever pole dancing studio to offer lessons in the area. Accordingly, the business would take off and provide Anamaria with great financial rewards. But more importantly, she got to share her craft with more people and watched them improve as she did. Today, she teaches classes non-stop and continues to spread her love for pole dancing. The studio offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to anyone who wants to grow in the dancesport. She has also judged various competitions in Germany and other countries, traveling to perform on many occasions. 

Recently, Anamaria Bozga has also released the Pole Planner, a diary meant ideally for pole dancers. The planner’s sleek design and perfection functions for pole dance enthusiasts have helped it skyrocket in popularity online. With all that she has already accomplished, Anamaria Bozga remains hungry for growth. She hopes to create more content for people online that will showcase the beauty of her sport and teach other people how to get into better form with pole dancing. Learn more about Anamaria and check out her pole dancing performances on her YouTube channel, Instagram profile, and website.


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