Always Volunteer When You Have the Opportunity

Always Volunteer When You Have the Opportunity
Photo Credit: Adam Ayash, Photo Owned by Robert J. Smith

By J.J. Hunsecker

An air of anticipation pervaded the auditorium of the Angeline Academy of Innovation recently when Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D., addressed a group of bright-eyed, aspiring entrepreneurs. Renowned as a Founding Member of the Cialdini Institute, Dr. Smith smoothly integrated the prodigious wealth of research by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini into his discourse on authority, illustrating his remarks with personal anecdotes from his flourishing career.

The opportunity of hosting such an esteemed speaker was largely due to the academy’s Teacher of the Year, Chad Mallo, a forward-thinker who keenly recognized the importance of bringing an industry expert into their fold as the Entrepreneurship program embarked on novel ventures. A serendipitous introduction from J.J. Kubski, parent of a student and an admirer of Dr. Smith’s extensive works, sealed the decision.

Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D., an established CEO of Smith Profits, Smith Comics, and Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, unfolded a discourse that combined his business acumen and profound insights into humanity and the psychology of decision-making.

Volunteering in schools for the past four decades, Smith’s commitment to education has been unwavering. He has demonstrated the ability to translate complex financial planning concepts into easy-to-understand terms, a skill he honed by educating his children and their cohorts. Beyond financial literacy, he also extends his mentorship to coaching public speaking, judging oration competitions, and transforming the entrepreneurial landscape by judging competitions at the Orange County Convention Center and at an upcoming event at The Angeline Academy.

Apart from lending his expertise in the financial domain, Smith has touched the creative worlds of children as a storyteller, inspiring them through his comic books and animations, including ‘Short Attention Span Dan’ and ‘The Adventures of Insuranceman.’ His teachings have propelled students to enhance their writing abilities, improving their essays, test scores and original literary creations, including their personal comic book stories and song lyrics.

In an era defined by the rapid ascent of technology and the often impersonal nature of digital interactions, Smith’s work is a vivid testament to the power of one-to-one teaching and the transformative potential of creative mentorship. The entrepreneur, actor, director, producer, and writer firmly believes that success should not be a solitary race to the top. Echoing the words of Jack Lemmon, he often states, “No matter how successful you get, always send the elevator back down.”

The dedicated volunteers like Dr. Smith leave lasting imprints on the minds they mentor. The Angeline Academy students will undoubtedly continue to benefit from this invaluable mentoring, taking away not just industry secrets but also a strong humanitarian ethos as they move forward in their academic and entrepreneurial careers.

Dr. Smith personifies the very essence of volunteerism and the rewarding act of giving back, underlining the profound role that successful professionals can play in molding the future generation. His inspiring works and teachings can be followed through his websites and social media platforms as well as his work as a Founding Member of The Cialdini Institute. His extraordinary commitment to education sends a powerful message to everyone – volunteering is indeed an invaluable opportunity that should not be missed.

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To all entrepreneurs, seasoned and aspiring, remember Dr. Smith’s words and consider taking your own trips in that proverbial elevator – not only for the rise to the top but also for the rewarding treks back down. Even as we sprint toward our personal success, may we remember to plant seeds of knowledge and mentorship for others to harvest their own personal  and business victories.


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