Alice DeRock creates success in LGBTQ+ niche market

Every entrepreneur is motivated by an idea that can impact a market significantly. This idea is supported by a vision, and it is this vision that fuels the day-to-day operations of a growing business. Alice DeRock envisioned a life-changing brand for the LGBTQ+ community when she thought of developing her company, Wet For Her, the leading designer and manufacturer of lesbian sex toys in the world today. 

Alice is a hands-on business owner who makes no compromises when it comes to the quality and reliability of her company’s products. She fully understands that customer loyalty is built by getting the trust of her clients and her community. This can only be achieved if she delivers what her brand promises – functionality, pleasure, and attractive aesthetics. Backed by an all-lesbian/trans team, Alice is extremely mindful of the littlest details during the design stage. 

“We make our own products from start to finish. We have an in-house design team by lesbians, and from there, we move on to our own production to finally sell exclusively on our Wet For Her website. We don’t just resell something that everyone can sell. We sell items that no one else can sell. We have identified what the LBTQ+ community wants and have designed it accordingly to give maximum pleasure. In a heterosexual world, it is thought that we, the LBTQ+ community, are missing something whilst lovemaking, which isn’t the case. We just wanted to create a toy to enhance the pleasure a lesbian and LBTQ+ couple can have without being made to feel that they are missing something that a straight couple already has. Lovemaking is a simultaneous experience, and our trademarked products help to achieve that for our community members,” Alice explained. 

Established 12 years ago, Wet For Her is the go-to website for countless members of the LBTQ+ community. Best known for its sleek design and the quality of its products, the company steadily became an industry leader that many emerging businesses of similar nature are learning from. Alice and her team make sure that they maintain an inclusive brand that promotes personal wellness, which is considered a very relevant topic today, even among clients outside of the LBTQ+ community. Wet For Her is not about mass production but is ultimately all about manufacturing sex toys that understand a unique need. 

“Understanding that personal wellness includes a sexual wellness and that as an LBTQ+ community, we don’t have to settle for toys made by people who don’t understand our lovemaking, that we can have pleasure simultaneous with our partner being a lesbian/trans/queer couple,” Alice revealed. 

Before creating her company, Alice already knew that something was missing in the market. Each time she would go to stores selling intimate items with her partner, all they could find were toys that did not suit their taste, which looked or felt seedy. They also did not find anything that suited their needs, among other things. That prompted her to envision a brand that would cater to the needs of lesbians and the LBTQ+ community in general. 

More than just creating pleasurable toys, Wet For Her is a concrete example of how entrepreneurs innovate to meet a specific need being unmet in the market. Alice and her team have definitely succeeded in this area and continue to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to be confident about their ideas even if others think they are too niche to succeed.


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