How Alex Spicer Rose to Success in the New York Landscaping Industry

Alex Spicer
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“Madam C.J. Walker once said, ‘Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Get up and make them.’ This is exactly what 22-year-old landscaping mogul Alex Spicer has done with his company, Spicer Inc. But Spicer’s fast journey to success wasn’t calculated; it actually happened by coincidence. He didn’t grow up with rich parents or any other advantages. What he did was simple: take a proven business model, innovate that model, and make it a massive success. But how did he do it?

Alex was a gifted student in high school, achieving excellent grades and succeeding outside of the classroom in track and field. He had a true gift for track and field and felt it was his calling. After high school, he went to college and competed in track as well. He was succeeding in the classroom and on the track, but hit a bump in the road when he couldn’t afford to continue going to school.

This caused Alex to reflect on what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He started researching various job opportunities and was sought out by the Olympic Bobsledding team to come to camp. Because bobsledding is only a seasonal sport, he needed to find a way to make money when he wasn’t competing. This is when he found landscaping.

Fast forward to winter 2020, Alex took a hard fall and suffered a big concussion at a tournament in Park City, Utah, and decided to hang up the dream of bobsledding for good. He had to channel his competitive nature and drive elsewhere. That’s when he decided to go all in on landscaping. He wasn’t going to do it for anyone else; he was going to start a landscaping business of his own.

In late 2020, Alex formed Spicer Landscaping (now Spicer Inc) from his car. He had one plan in place to take over Big Flats, NY: to outwork everyone. He would do anything to get a client, from going door to door to social media marketing, to anything else that would score him a job. He knew the quality of his work exceeded that of the competition, so he just needed to get his foot in the door with potential clients, and he knew he’d have their business for life.

Today, Alex is no longer running a tiny little business out of his car. He’s running a seven-figure enterprise, quickly scaling to eight figures, and helping thousands of clients along the way. He now offers other services aside from landscaping, like junk removal, in order to keep his team working 12 months out of the year. He has recently opened another office in Rochester, New York, as well. But he hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings and recently said in an interview, ‘My plan in Rochester will be the exact plan I had in Big Flats three years ago: outwork everyone.’

We’re excited to continue following Alex’s journey as he plans to scale Spicer Inc. to a nine-figure company in the next seven years and continue to watch him pioneer the landscaping industry. There’s one thing we can all learn from Alex, and that is, it doesn’t matter where you start; it just matters where you end up.”



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