Alejandro Lovera: The Man Behind ManyBuild Solutions

The real estate industry is one of the most traditional sectors of all time. Even now, in the tech-savvy 21st-century, the industry has managed to retain its traditional form with very few changes in the way business is conducted. Suffice to say, every primary sector and industry has taken advantage of tech and every digital revolution that the world has gone through in the past two decades; but real estate has not gone through any of such changes. Therefore, when Alejandro Lovera came into the real estate business, he quickly identified what the industry lacked and implemented it. He created ManyBuild Solutions, a platform that matches skilled contractors with builders and real estate investors that need and require their services. 

Alejandro Lovera is a third-generation building contractor and real estate developer who grew up in a family of contractors and architects on the island of Aruba. Before entrepreneurship and creating a startup became Alejandro’s focus, he had spent most of his childhood walking around job sites; hence he developed a passion for building things. He knew what it took to be successful in the construction and real estate industry. In addition to spending most of his childhood on construction sites, his mother is an architect. His father has contributed to his quota with several hotel remodels and custom homes on the island. 

Alejandro recalls how the journey into real estate began from walking around construction sites before becoming a licensed general contractor in Denver, learning how to identify, underwrite, acquire, and remodel residential and commercial properties through his own construction company, Ikon Construction, which he launched with Dan O’Brien. Together, the partnership has completed over $400,000 worth of construction contracts for nationwide corporate clients such as Invitation Homes and Zillow. This is in addition to completing over $550,000 worth of residential remodels for homeowners and $6,900,000 worth of “fix n flips” and projects for Alex’s private equity fund. He believed this gave him the required confidence to take on the task of revolutionizing the industry. And alongside his co-founders Stefan Norton, COO and Peter Taggart, Director of Engineering, they launched ManyBuild Inc., the “Tinder of Construction,” as they have cleverly dubbed it due to the ability to swipe right/left and get matched with skilled contractors in your area and other construction related resources.

Once Alejandro got into real estate full time, he was already armed with professional knowledge and ideas that could revolutionize the industry from his years as an understudy during his childhood; immediately, he knew real estate needed a revolution fast. With ManyBuild, Alejandro is combining Tech, Finance, and Real Estate to create economic opportunities for many skilled individuals and has made work easily accessible to more subcontractors and generally making more skilled labor available to a pool of builders, real estate investors and real estate brokers. 

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