Adam Bailey on How to Keep Going When Things Get Tough as an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey filled with highs and lows, and it takes a special kind of resilience to weather the storm and keep moving forward. Serial entrepreneur and former professional athlete Adam Bailey knows a thing or two about that. 

He’s the Director of three successful companies – Genesis Health Clubs (formerly Bailey Fitness Pty Ltd), Managing Director of Pursuit Martial Arts, and the Founder of the emerging Super Phat Fight Gear, an e-commerce site set to launch in November. Adam’s story is an inspiration to anyone facing the hurdles and hardships of entrepreneurship. In this article, we’ll explore the lessons we can learn from his journey on how to keep going when things get tough in the business world.

The Story of Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey’s journey as an entrepreneur is nothing short of remarkable. He didn’t start in the business world; instead, he began his career as a professional athlete and a World Middleweight Muay Thai Champion. When he transitioned from sports to business, he applied the lessons he learned from his sporting career to building his various fitness companies.

One of Adam’s main roles is serving as the Managing Director of Pursuit Martial Arts, a rapidly growing chain with eight locations in Western Australia and Victoria, and plans for further expansion into Queensland. Simultaneously, he’s a Founder of Super Phat Fight Gear, an Ecommerce site specializing in combat sports equipment.

Resilience in Action

Adam’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to resilience. Here are some key takeaways from his story:

  • Diverse Business Ventures: Adam’s ability to manage multiple businesses demonstrates his versatility and adaptability. When times get tough in one venture, having a diversified business portfolio can help spread risk and ensure that one setback doesn’t spell the end of everything.
  • Aligning with Trusted Brands: In the fitness industry, Adam decided to rebrand his existing health clubs under the Genesis Health + Fitness umbrella because he recognized the value of aligning with a trusted brand. This decision shows his wisdom in partnering with established players who can provide stability and support during challenging times.
  • Investing in Personal Development: Starting as a fitness trainer at just 17, Adam has constantly invested in his personal development. This commitment to growth and learning has been essential in helping him navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Vision and Partnerships: By setting lofty goals for his businesses in 2022 and partnering with groups that have a track record of success, Adam showcases the power of vision and strategic partnerships in overcoming obstacles and driving growth.
  • Adaptability and Prioritization: Recognizing the need to put more focus into his martial arts brand, Adam made the tough decision to entrust his existing health clubs to the Genesis management team. This ability to adapt and prioritize is crucial in staying resilient as an entrepreneur.
  • Recognition of Strength: Choosing to work with Genesis Health + Fitness is a recognition of the strength of their brand in the marketplace. This shows that acknowledging and leveraging the strengths of others can be a smart move in the world of business.

Final Words

As you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, remember that resilience is a vital trait. People like Adam Bailey remind us that we can overcome the toughest of times and build a successful business if we stay focused, adaptable, and committed to our goals. So, when the going gets tough, take inspiration from Adam’s story and keep moving forward towards your own success.


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