A Pioneer in Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)

The world faced a supply chain crisis during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Those businesses that could effectively manage their supply chains got through to the other side, but others found themselves struggling to survive, or even having to shutter their doors. However, just because they have survived the height of the crisis, businesses are not yet in the clear — resources like Relloe are available to help enterprises to manage their supply chain effectively.

In the vein of SaaS and PaaS, Relloe bills itself as a “Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)” company. In other words, Relloe specializes in helping businesses with sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment, providing operations with a comprehensive solution to help them navigate the complexities of managing their supply chain. This service has proven to be particularly invaluable for businesses in their infancy, as understanding how to optimize your supply chain is a fundamental step for any business’s success. Routh leverages the team’s more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry to help new brands launch and assist established companies in taking their brand to the next level.

Helping businesses with supply chain management

Relloe founder Edward Routh was inspired to create Relloe by the increased interest in entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the economy found itself in unprecedented circumstances, more and more people turned to self-employment and starting a business to make ends meet. However, given the unprecedented supply chain issues at the time, many new entrepreneurs struggled to navigate this challenging landscape.

One of the main pillars on which Relloe’s service is built is end-to-end visibility. Managing a supply chain can be very complex and provides one of the greatest challenges for new business owners. When dealing with so many moving parts, losing track of one or more of them can be easy without an established, effective supply chain management system. Relloe acts as a sort of mediator for these businesses, managing their supply chains on their behalf and presenting their clients with a streamlined process and a platform through which customers can track their orders from start to finish.

How SCaaS improves business performance

Routh hopes this revolutionary service will help make business operations much more efficient. “New business owners often don’t have access to the best sources to fill out their supply chain,” he explains. “At Relloe, we know what suppliers are best for businesses of varying sizes, from those starting on their journey to those who are more established.”

The other benefit of a streamlined supply chain through Relloe’s SCaaS offering is that it allows businesses to be much more reliable. Supply chains that are streamlined through Relloe are actively diversified — engineering a solution with the right amount of sources and service providers to ensure that the supply chain will not fall if a single link fails. The biggest mistake that many new businesses make is not having a diversified supply chain, leaving them vulnerable to external factors outside of their control.

How SCaaS encourages business growth

One of the most important features of Relloe’s SCaaS program is its scalability. Diversification of supply chains is crucial for expansion because it ensures that operations have the network to sustain the increased demand of a growing business. “As your business grows and gets more customers, you must produce a greater supply of products for the demand,” explains Routh. “Your company will outgrow some of your early partners and suppliers — that’s the reality of how this business works. If you don’t allow your business to grow into these larger suppliers, your business will not be able to sustain itself in its expansion.”

However, on the opposite side of the coin, supply chains mustn’t be over-diversified. An over-diversified supply chain means an operation has too many sources and service providers, resulting in a lack of consistency. An effectively diversified supply chain involves carefully selected sources with a consistent output. This ensures that end products have consistent quality, meaning customer satisfaction will not be affected.

One of Relloe’s core principles is a commitment to sustainability and transparency. Routh prides himself on this part of Relloe’s business. “We are constantly making strides to bring integrity and trust back to the sustainability industry, which has been rocked by widespread claims of greenwashing that have eroded trust between the brand and the customer”. Relloe is currently exploring a pilot program for its new product passport concept, which will provide a detailed report on the sustainability and ESG accreditations associated with every Relloe manufactured product, and linked to the physical product via a QR code on the label. The Relloe product passport program is set to be rolled out to the public early next year.

Relloe’s mission is to make it easier for businesses to access quality and sustainable manufacturing. Routh and his team have developed a platform that streamlines the supply chain management experience for businesses, making the end products more consistent, reliable, and sustainable. In a time when businesses are attempting to navigate the ongoing supply chain complexities, Routh and his team have created an invaluable resource that will help businesses forge a path to success.


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