A Conversation with Jacob Rogers: Founder and CEO of Ultralux Health on Holistic Wellness

Jacob Rogers Founder and CEO of Ultralux Health
Photo Courtesy: Jacob Rogers / UltraLux Health

By: Hannah Scott

The health and wellness industry is expansive and difficult to navigate without adequate research. So many companies promise miracle results that seem too good to be true. Have you ever seen an advertisement for pills that cure all? 

There’s one company steering clear of that route. Meet Jacob Rogers, founder and CEO of Ultralux Health, a company based on high-quality, science-based holistic health products. Visit their website for a more in-depth look into their products and story. But they’re a young company, raising some questions about their credibility. 

That’s why we sat down with Jacob to talk about his view of holistic health and wellness products and how UltraLux plays a role in the industry:

Q: The wellness industry is often criticized for making extravagant claims without proper evidence. How does UltraLux Health navigate this challenge, ensuring your products deliver on their promises while maintaining transparency?

Answer:  You know, in the wellness industry, it’s no secret that some individuals and companies make bold claims that their health solutions can’t live up to. We aren’t like that at UltraLux Health. Consumers come to us because they’re looking for a solution and hope — we take that responsibility very seriously. It drives everything we do. Every product we make and all of the research we review and conduct goes towards helping consumers solve their problems.

First and foremost, science is our guiding star. We start by immersing ourselves in the latest scientific research when we develop our products. We’re talking about rigorous studies, peer-reviewed articles, evidence-based practices, and consultation meetings with leading experts. This helps us differentiate between solid and supportive science and fleeting social media trends. We’re not interested in following the trends, or making our version of a product that’s doing the rounds on TikTok, we’re committed to delivering products rooted in solid, health-improving science.

Now, transparency is absolutely crucial. We want our customers to be informed consumers. That’s why we’re open about the research and evidence behind each product. You’ll find comprehensive information on our website, on our blogs, in our videos, and we’re even working on more user-friendly ways to communicate this data. We want this information to be understandable and beneficial for our customers. We want our customers to understand why and how our products are helping them.

Third-party validation is another big deal for us. We often partner with independent organizations and labs to assess our products. These third-party evaluations provide an extra layer of credibility. When you see a seal of approval from a respected entity, you know we’re serious about quality. This directly works with our marketing and presentation of these products. We strive for honesty in all we do, and that includes our marketing messages and claims.

Lastly, we rely on our customers. Customer feedback is crucial to our success and paramount to us. We listen attentively to our customers’ experiences. If a product doesn’t meet expectations or an issue arises, we don’t shy away. We use that feedback as an opportunity for improvement and innovation, because really, it all comes back to helping our customers find solutions, protection, and relief.

So, in a nutshell, UltraLux Health tackles the challenge of extravagant claims by staying firmly grounded in science, embracing transparency, and committing to integrity. Our goal is to set a new benchmark in the wellness industry—one where customers can trust that our products deliver on their promises.

Q: As a relatively new entrant to the market, how does UltraLux Health establish its credibility and differentiate itself from other wellness brands, especially regarding products like water purification systems?

Answer: One of the easiest ways we separate ourselves from other wellness brands is our product offering. You may know the saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got,” that seems to be especially true in the wellness industry.

Firstly, we only try to develop and provide products that are unique, innovative, or more effective. This already adds separation because many wellness companies are happy with the status quo, they’re okay to keep their product offerings relatively the same. They’ve found what works and they don’t want to rock the boat. UltraLux Health on the other hand wants to rock the boat, because this leads to innovation, which leads to better health. And at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all after.

Secondly, our life and this world keep developing and evolving. The world I grew up in is entirely different from the world my kids are going up in. Yet the products we’re using to protect or improve our health are the same, or using the same outdated technology. It’s like using dial up internet and then wondering why the movie we’re streaming is buffering. That’s why we build products using cutting-edge scientific practice and updated technology, so that our customers have the best chance, and the best products, for protecting their health.

The health and wellness industry is entire of dodgy companies looking to make a quick buck. Thoroughly vetting a company, their research methods, and their products is essential to being a responsible consumer. 

Especially when you’re trying to take care of yourself in a holistic manner, it is paramount that you buy from companies that have your best interests at heart. 

Jacob Rogers and Ultralux Health are committed to creating wellness products that people can trust because they are backed by science. Visit their website to browse their products and upcoming products. 

Published by: Martin De Juan


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