7 Pillars to Legacy Leadership By Elona Lopari

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Elona Lopari is a certified professional strategist and the founder of Elona Lopari Coaching Life School, a company that specializes in providing coaching & consulting services for individuals and organizations. She is a dynamic and inspiring consultant who helps her clients achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Elona has over a decade of experience in coaching and has worked with clients from various industries and backgrounds. 

She helps purpose driven corporations build their brand presence, productive culture and an entrepreneurial leadership team so that they can make a bigger impact and income through their vision/mission and do more good in the world. 

Her coaching philosophy is centered around the idea that we all have the power to create the life we want, and her consulting is designed to help clients tap into that power. 

She uses a unique blend of coaching techniques that include positive psychology, neuroscience, and energy leadership, among others.

Elona is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live their best lives. She is a true expert in her field, and her coaching services are highly recommended for anyone looking to create positive change in their livesShe is an expert in guiding leaders towards their true potential and has developed her unique approach to leadership called “Legacy Leadership.” Here is what Elona has to say about the 7 Pillars of Legacy Leadership:

1. Casting Vision / Mission

The first pillar is about casting a big vision and having a mission behind the work that you are doing and the direction that you want to move the company forward. Having a future vision to look forward to is important in having something that goes beyond your day-to-day operations. You will not only need this vision/ mission to emotionally connect with personally, but this is also going to be very handy when you align and have other people surround you in your company’s future growth stages.

2. Building trust and influence

The second pillar is going to explain how to increase your trust and influence. The biggest quality of leadership that I have seen from my experience is building positive influence. Being able to influence yourself first and then having this influence on other people on your team is crucial so that your team understands, supports and trusts you. You also learn how to trust yourself so that you can execute that bigger vision and mission that you initially casted. This also leads to very productive team members that can carry forward the initiatives set by the company and be able to see how they can personally contribute towards the bigger picture overall.

3. Being an innerly aligned leader

The third pillar is all about aligning your outer leadership with your inner leadership. Doing the inner work as a leader is necessary so that your decisions are heart-driven and aligned with your intuition which is going to support you in your sustainable success long term. Being able to align the DOING, execution and strategic thinking with the BEING is going to help you feel more at peace and in control.

4. Increased productivity and execution with excellence

One of the biggest pain points for many leaders is getting yourself and your teams to execute with excellence. Increasing your personal productivity, and understanding how to manage your time properly are crucial skills to master. Role modeling this for your team is also going to help them do the same.

5. Disrupt and Innovate

Another hard part of being a leader is when you have to make the hard decisions when you have to change the direction of the company while things are moving fast and be able to pivot. Doing that at a fast pace in order to catch up with the market, industry and technology advancements requires that you become a disruptor and an innovator. So having the courage to lead with that in your heart and aligning your mind and heart together in order to make the right decision for many is how you will disrupt and innovate as needed. You want to stay adaptable and relatable so that your company stays competitive in the bigger world spectrum and the problem that it solves.

6. Build winning teams

Building winning teams and creating a winning culture in your company is important for the health and sustainability of your bigger brand’s future. I would say that culture building starts with you first. The people that you want to surround yourself with are all going to be a complementation of your energy, your alignment and the vision that you’re casting in your company. Treating your people like family and having that as one of your primary values in your company is going to be the way that you actually set the cultural vibe of collaboration in motion. When people feel supported, and appreciated, they feel like they’re growing and contributing, which will help you keep and retain your talent. Solves the high turnover number problem in most companies.

7. Have a balanced life to sustain your success

This last pillar is going to be the one that wraps it all together and connects all the other pillars above. 

Creating life balance in your personal life so that you feel more fulfillment and joy out of your work is the ultimate challenge for most leaders. When your life becomes about work only, and no fun and play, trouble arises. When that happens, you can feel very overworked, burned out, and not happy and unfulfilled in general. Because you will feel the guilt for letting go of all the other areas of your life that you care about, which is prob

ably your personal relationships being the most common, you will get a sense of lack and guilt feelings. You can be a more balanced leader, a more aligned leader, and a happier human being overall. You can also be more fulfilled in all the rest of the areas of your personal life, having a more holistic approach to your leadership. 

So those are the seven pillars of legacy leadership. These are the most important, foundational pillars that I have seen in my corporate and entrepreneurial experience. For further support in implementing these in your life and company, visit our website at elonaloparicoaching.com.


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