Zachary Strazicich on the Importance of Pursuing Excellence to Achieving Success

There is no question that possessing essential technical know-how is needed for someone to succeed in their career. However, Zachary Strazicich believes that it is equally important to be passionate about what one does. Being in the marketing industry for more than eight years, the insightful individual realized that what contributed to his success was his ceaseless drive to become better. Since he started his career, he has not stopped learning and improving his skill sets. 

Over time, he acquired numerous essential abilities, business knowledge, expertise, and acumen. In addition, he has developed strong leadership and excellent communication skills. All of these things combined have allowed Zachary Strazicich to establish himself as an authority in the sales and marketing space.

Alongside his unrivaled work ethic, the diligent man has also invested in his education. He studied Associate of Arts in Pre-Business and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the California State University, Fullerton.

In the span of his career, Zachary Strazicich has been part of four incredible organizations. His first ever role was as an intern for Northwestern Financial Company. He was responsible for assisting staff with administrative duties.

At his internship, he learned a great deal from his time with Northwestern Financial. He received training in financial planning and has even obtained a California State insurance license. On top of that, he was able to form a strong foundation in finance, insurance, and sales.

After one year as an intern, he moved on to Showdown Events, where he was a Marketing Specialist. His tasks included developing business-to-business marketing and advertising strategies for companies in the street bike industry. He also organized events and engaged with prospective clients, as well as managed a portfolio of clients via all social platforms.

Subsequently, the gifted marketing professional transferred to K&S Systems as a Marketing Manager. During his time with the venture Zachary Strazicich has contributed several significant changes. 

Under his leadership and guidance as Head of Marketing, K&S Systems created its first social media campaign. He also led the development of numerous marketing strategies and techniques. Not only that, but he has inspired a culture that provides clients with outstanding front to end customer service experience. Moreover, his innovative strategies and progressive approach have allowed the organization to immensely scale its success. 

Aside from effortlessly demonstrating his prowess as a leader, the successful man has also made a name as a great role model who leads by example. In addition, he is an excellent team player who prioritizes the goals of the business. 

Zachary Strazicich is a testament that hard work and dedication pays off. He has also proven that having integrity, extraordinary values, and principles are all crucial to achieving success. As the remarkable individual continues to rise to the top of the marketing industry, he remains steadfast in his mission to hone his skills and elevate his expertise.

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