Yacht Hampton Offering Luxury at its Finest to Hamptonites and Enthusiasts of South Florida

Boat lovers have had a hard time enjoying their favorite pastimes in the last few months. This is due to the unavailability of many people’s preferred models and supply chain problems for the dealership caused by a spike in the demand for boats during the summer. So boaters were unable to purchase their preferred boats, which created a bottleneck within the market. Joe Ialacci, being the strategic entrepreneur he is, spotted this trend and stepped in to fill it immediately through his company, Yacht Hampton.

During the summer months and the months after that, Yacht Hampton (formerly known as Hamptons Boat Rental) improved  many things for boating enthusiasts. The boat rental company did not only establish its presence with its large fleet of boats, but it also provided major amenities that boaters expect through a luxury yacht charter experience.

Yacht Hampton’s primary offering is providing access to boats, but it takes it a step further by customizing the experience to deliver everything its luxe clients would want in a boating experience if they owned the boats. The company also runs Yacht Hampton Boating Club, which provides packages for its members who want to experience different boats without having to plan the events  by themselves. The company has created packages that suit its members’ lifestyles. All they need to do is be present to enjoy the variety of experiences and incredible sceneries aboard their pre-selected boats and yachts. “We’ll take you sightseeing, water skiing, and cruising, or you can create a personal membership experience customized to accommodate your special summer calendar,” Joe Ialacci said.

Yacht Hampton’s boats are suitable for a wide range of events, including corporate events, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, sunset cruises, Palm Beach bachelorette parties, wedding parties and other special occasions. Each charter also comes with a USCG-licensed captain and an impressive collection of futuristic luxury water toys, hydrofoil hoverboards, jet skis, electric surfboards, floating islands, paddleboards, tubes and a host of other fun items.

Yacht Hampton takes pride in having more boats than its competitors. The company owns all the boats and yachts in its fleet. “Everything that Yacht Hampton does today was borne out of customers’ needs. The boating club is a perfect solution to meet our customers’ needs. The idea to start the club was “customer driven,” Joe Ialacci said. “The pandemic has made being a member even more appealing.”

The summer months brought with them immense success for Yacht Hampton, and Joe Ialacci has now set his sights on expanding the company’s reach. Plans are underway to expand to other markets outside the Hamptons. The goal for the next few years is to dominate the yacht and powerboat rental market in South Florida and New York State.

Learn more about Yacht Hampton and the launch of their South Florida Yacht Rental office serving visitors of Jupiter, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Key Biscayne by going to their new website

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