Why LLL Event Furnishings and Rentals is the Premier Provider in the Southeast

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From providing furnishings for movie sets, placing items for Netflix shows, decking out venues for music release parties and videos, or serving sporting event parties, the founder and CEO of LLL Event Furnishings and Rentals, Neil Mirchandani, has done it all and certainly seen it all.

The team has since rebounded nicely following the COVID-19 pandemic that negatively impacted millions of people all over the world. To say the company has ‘rebounded’ is putting it lightly, as the team have combined to generate more than $11 million annually.

In fact, a leading contributor to the staggering revenue stream at LLL can be accredited to what the company provides to the film and music industries. Look closely the next time you watch Love is Blind on Netflix as LLL provided much of the furnishings featured throughout the show.

That is where the recurring revenue for the company comes from, the rentals. What is even more impressive is the ability of the company’s expert crafters to turnaround furnishings quickly, make them brand new again and ensure it is all ready for the next client.

Superior Customer Service

Mirchandani is an operations guru. Whether taking regular calls, answering emails or responding to messages, he and his team work around-the-clock. There have been occasions when a filmmaker or set designer needed inventory ready the next day, but could potentially request it as late as 10pm, but the team has always been able to turnaround products, customize or alter them, and have them ready to be collected or dropped off by the time the doors open.

“People not only appreciate our products, but also how they are created and that is what sets us apart from the rest,” said Mirchandani. “It’s a fast-paced environment and things can get a little crazy around the warehouse, but we get it done, in a timely manner and where it needs to go.”

L-L-Lavish Treatment

LLL Event Furnishings and Rentals is the largest event furnishing and rental company in not just the greater Atlanta area, but in all of the Southeast. Equipped with over 35 employees, at a facility that spans over 70,000 square feet, it’s easy to understand why the company is the go-to for filmmakers, musicians, event planners and other clients.

The city of Atlanta is often hailed as ‘The Hollywood of the East Coast’, and for good reason, as many prominent films are shot there while also serving as home to some of music’s most prominent and well-recognized musicians and actors.

Mirchandani and his team have proven more than capable of providing all furnishings for film sets, music videos and major sporting and life events. In fact, the company’s experts turnaround furnishings quickly, sometimes in just mere hours, so that they can meet the needs of clients, whether couches, dance floors, lighting, A/V equipment, tables, linens, full-service bars, even custom-branded furniture and items, and so much more!

“We offer so much to the Southeast that far exceeds that of just furniture,” Mirchandani said. “We provide pieces that accent a collection, complete a room and fill an aesthetic. Now that the pandemic has passed, movies and music videos are once again being filmed with regularity, while people are also gathering for events with their families and friends. We are happy to be supplying them with everything they need to make their events memorable ones.”

About Neil Mirchandani

Neil Mirchandani is the founder and CEO of LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals, an Atlanta-based multi-million dollar event rental, furniture, drapery and dance floor provider. The company is the #1 furnishing provider for film sets, music videos, sporting, corporate and other events in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about the Southeast’s largest selection of quality lounge furniture, fit for all social and corporate events, please visit: https://luxuryloungeatl.com/


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