Who is Steve Marcano? The Mind Behind The New Podcast “Keeping Up with Sports”

Steve Marcano Keeping Up with Sports
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Imagine an iconic mix of Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, NBA Champion Lamar Odom, and award-winning sports podcaster Zach Hirsch coming together to dissect the world of sports! This impressive trio, under the brilliant guidance of sports media mogul Steve Marcano, has been brought together for the much-awaited podcast “Keeping Up with Sports.” This venture aims to foster candid discussions among some of the media’s big stars from sports and entertainment to pull back the curtain on the unspoken side of professional sports.

But who was the man behind it all? With a remarkable legacy sprinkled across decades, the creator of this podcast, Steve Marcano, is no stranger to the sports domain. He has traced his journey from being a concert promoter to negotiating a record-breaking deal for Mike Tyson’s WWE Championship and has his fingerprints over leading boxing events in association with Don King. An adept creator and executive producer, Marcano’s litany includes successful sports programming such as “Knockout,” “Inside His Look with Ray J,” and most recently “Keeping Up with Sports.”

A phenomenal achievement for Marcano’s Steven Marcano Holdings Group could be felt echoing when the podcast was announced. Marcano’s illustrious career has been punctuated by amalgamating divergent creative spheres, such as erecting the monumental lifestyle series “Soulfood with Tara Wallace” and documentaries such as “Behind The Grind,” hosted by Fredro Starr for The Impact Network.

In a recent tête-à-tête, Steve Marcano shared some illuminating insights about the inception of the podcast and its potential impact on the audience with Aries from UrbanBridgez.com. Steve recalls the birth of the idea during a casual conversation about the podcast space. A simple phrase, ‘Keeping Up With Sports,’ suggested by his friend Scott, triggered the conception of the podcast, and Marcano took things forward, putting his strategic acumen into forming this unique venture.

Staying true to the principle of ‘nothing but sports,’ the selection of hosts was contemplative yet straightforward. Both Lamar Odom and Caitlyn Jenner, celebrities with notable sports backgrounds, were seen as befitting co-hosts. Their personal journeys and professional accomplishments, according to Marcano, bring a fresh perspective and empathetic connection to the table that effectively bridges the gap between the podcast and its audience.

Caitlyn Jenner’s addition to the host panel is a testament to the show’s celebration of merit over conventional norms. Marcano elucidates how Jenner’s former status as an Olympian, symbolized by the Wheaties box he looked up to as a child, inspired him.

As a professional athlete and the transformation she underwent, Jenner’s presence paves the way for inevitable, substantial dialogues. The anticipation surrounding the premiere episode, where the hosts sit down with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, quivers with the promise of riveting discussions.

Keenly anticipated by fans, the podcast filming on location at Sunset Strip’s iconic Andaz West Hollywood hotel unearths the lesser-known challenges of professional athlete life. Topics overlooked and stigmatized, such as mental health struggles, addiction, and the arduous decision to bid adieu to the limelight, are discussed candidly, encouraging an open dialogue on these critical issues within the sports and entertainment industries.

Despite his immense success, Steve Marcano remains rooted, open to communication, feedback, and engaging with his audience, illustrating his commitment and unyielding passion for the sports sector. Armed with a repertoire of significant projects under his aegis, Marcano is always receptive to ingenious ideas, asserting his presence as a sturdy pillar of support for upcoming talents.

In the current era where sports transcends the physical realm and encapsulates diverse aspects of people’s lives, Steve Marcano’s innovative venture, “Keeping Up with Sports,” has the potential to transform how sports enthusiasts perceive and engage with the world of sports. It doesn’t simply feature stalwarts from sports and entertainment but initiates a much-needed open conversation about the often-overlooked aspects of professional sports. As audiences wait with bated breath for the premiere, Marcano and his squad have surely hit the ball out of the park with this venture.

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Published by: Martin De Juan


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