Wealth Building for Moms Made Easy with Serial Entrepreneur Nicola Smith Jackson

Life coach and serial entrepreneur Nicola Smith Jackson achieved her personal success in business with a lot of hard work, self-sacrifice, and dedication. Her journey towards success, however, was not without any challenges. Despite the many obstacles she encountered, she kept her eyes focused on achieving her goals and never lost faith that she would one day reap the fruits of her labor. In this season of her life, she is all about empowering mothers such as herself to live their best lives by becoming the best version of themselves. She helps transform their money mindset and equip them to build their personal wealth regardless of their background, age, and educational attainment. 

Nicola Smith Jackson is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club. She also created PINKPrint™, a wealth education system that is designed to make the process and journey a lot easier for aspiring female entrepreneurs from full-time moms to single moms, career-oriented women, and women at the prime of their lives seeking to experience new things despite their age. She also created the Money Mansion, a financial ascension program that is designed to help people connect the dots between the haves and have nots. 

As a driven woman entrepreneur who is dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of others, Jackson made it a point to continually add value to her skills so she can pass on the same to people. Apart from being a thriving market analyst and serial entrepreneur, she is also an ordained minister, Business School Accelerated® instructor, a 2013 graduate of Money & You® in Malaysia, a certified John Maxwell Coach, Certified Life Coach of the Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching, Certified Professional Coach through Strategic Learning Alliance, a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, and a member of the Jay Abraham Pinnacle Circle. 

Her extraordinary journey as an entrepreneur and life coach paved the way for her to build a nine-figure financial services business and became the first multiple seven-figure earner and Top Female in Company. In 2019, Jackson earned the highest position of Pinnacle Senior Vice President, a rare accomplishment for anyone in the business sector. As a result of her unmatched hard work and persistence in growing her business, she was inducted into the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing. 

Working as hard as Jackson has over the past 25 years can easily lead to getting burned out. She has this to say to everyone experiencing burnout today, “Have a daily regimen that includes non-negotiable self-care. Invest money so you wonʼt have to actively work for money forever then give and contribute to others.” 

For people who wish to experience growth in their personal lives and career, Jackson advises them to “Get a very clear vision of what you want. Access resources you have versus what you need. Invest in a mentor.”

Throughout her fruitful and inspiring journey in business, Jackson has worked with over 450k people spanning 30 countries. Up to this day, helping others achieve their dreams is still one of her topmost priorities as a coach and mentor. One of the ways she connects with her followers is through her Power Start Your Day podcast, which she does from Monday to Friday. Staying connected allows her to share powerful and encouraging words that she hopes will stir up people on the inside to step out of their comfort zones and live their best lives yet. 

Find out more about Nicola Smith Jackson by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 


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