WAVwatch: The Future of Wearable Health Technology

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In a world where health concerns are on the rise, Linda Bamber-Olson, founder of WAVwatch, has revolutionized the way we approach self-care. Her journey began when her mother and sister started their battle against breast cancer at the same time. 

Determined to find a safer and more accessible solution, Linda embarked on a mission to create a groundbreaking product that would change the face of healthcare. Today, she introduces the world to WAVwatch, a wearable technology that harnesses the power of acoustical frequencies to promote well-being and natural health.

WAVwatch is not just an ordinary timepiece—it’s a versatile tool designed to address a variety of health issues. Inspired by her extensive research and experience in breast health, Linda understood that emotional, bacterial, hormonal, and liver problems, among others, contribute to various health conditions.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, she discovered the potential of frequencies the body can easily absorb.

The WAVwatch is a lightweight and adjustable wristband, slightly larger than traditional watches, made with premium materials. It resembles a sophisticated music player, but its capabilities extend far beyond simple entertainment. 

Embedded within its sleek design is a powerful technology that offers a safe, affordable, and drug-free solution to a myriad of self-care concerns.

Linda’s vision extends beyond herself—WAVwatch is designed to benefit everyone, regardless of age or gender. By incorporating this wearable technology into their lives, men, women, seniors, children, and even pets have experienced remarkable improvements in their health.

With WAVwatch, the power of sound frequencies is harnessed and tailored to address individual needs, empowering users to take control of their well-being.

The WAVwatch mission is to introduce the world to an easier, cost-effective, safe, and drug-free wearable technology that enhances self-care. Linda Bamber-Olson is a passionate entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, writer, and nutritionist. 

Her journey to create WAVwatch stems from her own experiences, including being born with hearing in only one ear. Through resilience and adaptation, Linda learned valuable lessons about absorbing information and staying focused—a foundation that laid the groundwork for WAVWatch.

Linda’s pursuit of protecting her family from breast cancer led to the creation of BRAS (Breast Research Awareness & Support), a platform where she teaches women natural methods to safeguard their breast health. 

As Linda worked closely with clients at BRAS, she received invaluable feedback that guided her in testing and refining the WAVwatch prototype. With each step, positive testimonials poured in, validating the efficacy of this wearable technology. 

The testimonials spoke of remarkable transformations and improvements in various health conditions, cementing WAVwatch as a groundbreaking solution.



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