Vladimir Savanovich: A Trailblazer at the Convergence of Science and Entrepreneurship

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/person-sitting-while-using-laptop-computer-and-green-stethoscope-near-NFvdKIhxYlU
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/person-sitting-while-using-laptop-computer-and-green-stethoscope-near-NFvdKIhxYlU


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, Vladimir Savanovich stands as a beacon of innovation, leadership, and transformative change. His journey from a plasma physics scientist to a venerated entrepreneur and tech leader showcases a rare blend of scientific prowess and business acumen. As the co-founder of ARNA Genomics and Awesom Energy B.V., Savanovich’s endeavors have made significant strides in cancer detection technologies and sustainable energy solutions, marking him as a visionary in both biotech and high-tech sectors.

The Genesis of a Visionary Scientist and Entrepreneur:

Savanovich’s journey into the world of science and technology began in the realm of experimental plasma physics. His pioneering work in developing remote robotized physics labs for distant education, massive implementation of modern computer measurements and automation technology into experimental physics and education and creating innovative X-Ray sources using gyromagnetic electron cyclotron resonance laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. This phase of pure scientific exploration was crucial in shaping his analytical and problem-solving skills, which later became the bedrock of his entrepreneurial ventures.

Transitioning from academia to business, Savanovich ventured into the corporate world, working with an international consulting firm and a prominent US measurement and automation company. Here, he gained invaluable insights into large-scale project management, international business strategies, and government decision-making processes. This experience provided him with a unique perspective on how to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and practical business applications.

ARNA Genomics: Revolutionizing Cancer Detection:

In 2012, Vladimir Savanovich co-founded ARNA Genomics, an endeavor driven by a personal mission to combat the devastating effects of cancer. The company developed the ARNA Breast Cancer (ARNA BC) test, a revolutionary DNA blood test that enables early detection of breast cancer with over 90% accuracy. This innovative approach to cancer diagnostics marked a significant leap forward in the field, potentially saving countless lives through early detection.

The development and success of ARNA Genomics were not without challenges. The journey involved substantial financial investments, extensive research, and a series of clinical trials. However, the unwavering commitment of Savanovich and his team paid off, as the test demonstrated exceptional accuracy and laid the groundwork for ARNA Genomics’ expansion into international markets.

Awesom Energy B.V.: Disrupting the Energy Landscape:

Parallel to his biotech innovations, Savanovich also made significant strides in the energy sector with the co-founding of Awesom Energy B.V. in 2015. The company focuses on developing solid-state battery technology, a groundbreaking innovation in the field of sustainable energy. These fluoride ion batteries offer a promising solution to the challenges faced in electric energy storage, including high energy density, rapid charging capabilities, and enhanced safety. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of electric vehicles, IoT, and handheld devices. With no liquid electrolytes and a more stable chemical composition, solid-state batteries could be more environmentally friendly. They are likely to have a lower risk of environmental contamination in the event of disposal and could be easier to recycle.

Leadership and Team Dynamics:

Vladimir Savanovich’s leadership style is marked by a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic foresight. He fosters a culture of innovation, resilience, and intrinsic motivation within his teams. His approach to leadership involves balancing the strengths of scientists and entrepreneurs to effectively bring groundbreaking ideas to fruition. This balanced team dynamics has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of both the biotech and energy sectors.

Digital Transformation and Blockchain Integration:

In the digital realm, Savanovich has been a strong advocate for the integration of blockchain technology in our life. Through ARNA Panacea, ARNA Genomics leverages blockchain for managing clinical trial data, ensuring security, transparency, and data integrity. This digital transformation has been pivotal in enhancing the credibility of research and streamlining data analysis processes of the company. The technology is promising to be integrated in other companies as a SaaS service. 

Global Impact and Future Vision:

Vladimir Savanovich’s impact extends beyond his companies. His membership in FoundersNetwork.com, an invitation extended due to his outstanding achievements, highlights his influence in the global entrepreneurial community. His vision as a tech leader is not confined to current projects but extends to shaping the future of biotech, digital economy and sustainable energy.

Investment, Partnership, and Growth:

Savanovich has navigated ARNA Genomics and Awesom Energy through various stages of financing, ensuring their growth and expansion. While ARNA Genomics is well-financed and open to strategic partnerships, Awesom Energy is at a pivotal stage, seeking partners and investors for its innovative battery technology.


Vladimir Savanovich’s journey from a plasma physics scientist to a renowned entrepreneur and tech leader is a testament to the immense potential when scientific expertise is seamlessly integrated with strategic business practices. His contributions to cancer detection and sustainable energy solutions stand as testaments to his visionary approach. As he continues to push the boundaries of technology and business, Savanovich remains an inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of innovation in the modern world.


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