Vision Group Buys Rothkopf Enterprise For Lump Sum Contingent Upon Charlie Rothkopf Running The Operation

Booming blockchain development firm, Vision Group LLC, bought out successful Miami-based digital marketing agency Rothkopf Enterprises in a multimillion dollar deal with one condition – CEO Charlie Rothkopf carries his position over to Vision Group. Founded in NYC, Vision Group is one of the top full service blockchain development firms that specializes in bringing companies to the metaverse. Rothkopf is excited to continue his mission in showcasing the massive potential in blockchain technology and its role in the future of the firm. As CEO of Vision Group, Charlie will be contributing six years of digital marketing and blockchain experience to a firm that specializes in blockchain development and metaverse integration.

Rothkopf Enterprises is known for implementing profitable digital marketing campaigns to help their clients achieve and maintain digital dominance of their brand, including building and launching their client’s digital audience. The agency’s team of experienced professionals foster innovative digital integration for companies of all sizes and industries to revolutionize their online presence. In addition to conceptualizing brand identities, the agency strives to help clientele establish and maintain valuable relationships. With the ability to adapt efficiently to the constantly changing digital landscape, a stellar reputation and top tier list of clientele, Rothkopf Enterprises has made a huge name for itself in the industry. The company is known for impeccable open lines of communication with its clients and ability to adhere to strict deadlines as a team.

Charlie Rothkop’s passion for technology drove him to start digital marketing agency Rothkopf Enterprises in 2016, while he was still in high school. Even as a teenager, Rothkopf knew that he wanted a career in technology. Coming from a generation that has grown up in a largely digital based world, Rothkopf naturally set out to create a legacy of leading tech entrepreneurs. He is known to be an exceptional leader and innovative team player, his appetite for success reflects itself in the agency’s overall work ethic, proven track record and the way the agency works to build purposeful relationships with clients. Six successful years later Rothkopf Enterprises continues to specialize in web development, app development, logos and top tier marketing campaigns as they continue to strive to meet their clients expectations and beyond.

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