Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery Launch Authentic Podcast

Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery are two entrepreneurs who know what it takes to make it big in business. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or someone with several years of experience under your belt, their podcast is the perfect place for inspiration and motivation. In fact, the Authentic Podcast was created by Dennis and Lowery as a way to share their stories with others while also providing some insight on how they got where they are today.

The two met each other through mutual friends and have been working together ever since then. This partnership has led them to launch multiple businesses including an Airbnb Automation company called B2B Airbnb which gives real estate investors access to short term rental opportunities around the United States. Their goal at Authentic Podcast is not just about talking about business and entrepreneurship with highly successful operators, but rather to help others learn about the character traits and qualities they need to develop in order to find success within their given fields.

For Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery, the decision to launch the Authentic Podcast was a no-brainer.

Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery wanted to share their experiences and insights with others who were looking for authentic advice from entrepreneurs who really made a difference in the world. The Authentic Podcast is designed to help people make it from the bottom up by sharing stories of success from struggles, from those who have been there before.

The Authentic Podcast features interviews with business leaders on topics such as authenticity, transparency, leadership, innovation, and making it to the top in your industry.

In the early days, Dennis and Lowery talked about launching the podcast, which featured stories of Entrepreneurs who have made a great impact in the business world and in their communities.

“Authentic Podcast is an important initiative for us because it helps people take action on their dreams and grow as individuals.” – Van Dennis

The two shared stories of their own experiences as entrepreneurs who found success despite hardship, as well as those of people in their life who inspired them.

“If you’re a business owner, you have faced the challenges of being an entrepreneur and you have learned a lot from those who have gone before you. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to share our stories with others. We want to inspire others by sharing others’ most impactful stories as well. In our podcast, we do just that.” – Sedric Lowery

According to Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery, the core value of the podcast is authenticity.

Authenticity is a word that gets thrown around a lot in business and life. There are many definitions for it, but it essentially means being true to who you are.

Why does being more authentic matter? When you try to be somebody else or something else than who you truly are, you end up with an identity crisis because your internal self-image doesn’t match up with what’s out there in the world. This can cause confusion, stress and anxiety over time—not good things if you’re trying to accomplish anything worthwhile in life!

Of course, controversy will always be a factor of business podcasts and successful media outlets but Van Dennis and Sedric Lowery say transparency is key to avoiding controversy.

“We’re doing our best to make sure that we’re honest with our audience. If there’s something controversial going on, we’ll address it head on.”- Van Dennis

The duo has had the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of other podcasters who have treaded similar territory as them in terms of content and audience size. They’ve been able to see what works well for them as well as where they wanted to incorporate changes in their own content strategy.

The Authentic Podcast is here for you. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make it to the top, or listen to those who have made it, you need to tune in.

“The Authentic Podcast is a new platform that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like yourself make it big in this world. We will be interviewing some of the top entrepreneurs on their journey from the bottom up, sharing their experiences and offering advice on how they got there. This podcast will help inspire you as well as give tips on what it takes to make it big in business today!” – Van Dennis

“We believe that authenticity is important in our daily lives, as well as in business. The Authentic Podcast is here for you if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make it to the top or listen to those who have made it. We hope that this podcast will inspire others like us to pursue their dreams and never give up.” – Sedric Lowery

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