Unlock the Secrets to a Bingeworthy Podcast: Courtney Elmer’s Blueprint for Top 100 Success 

Unlock the Secrets to a Bingeworthy Podcast: Courtney Elmer’s Blueprint for Top 100 Success
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By: Ace of Spades PR

It might seem like a new podcast hits the market every day. But did you know only 2 of 10 podcast hosts make it past their sixth episode? Leveraging more than eight years of experience in marketing and business psychology, Courtney Elmer is the leading authority on the science behind what makes podcasts succeed or fail — and she’s on a mission to keep as many podcasts out of the Apple graveyard as possible so more podcasters can find real success.

An Unconventional Journey

Courtney never set out to become a podcast expert, but life had other plans. Faced with a life-altering cancer diagnosis at 25, Courtney left the corporate world and opened the doors to her consulting practice. Shortly thereafter she gave birth to her son, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments. Between the demands of motherhood and scaling a business, she immersed herself in podcasts, determined to find a more effective way to reach new people and grow her audience. That’s when she realized the power inherent in podcasting.

Courtney decided to start a podcast of her own, and within a week of launching, her podcast garnered an impressive 65+ five-star reviews. Her network took notice, and she found herself organically transitioning into the role of a podcast mentor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, known as the podcast whisperer, Country is dedicated to helping other find similar success. Reflecting on her journey, Courtney shares that her personal struggles — from being told “your mouth gets you in trouble” at an early age to the risk of losing her vocal cords due to thyroid cancer — have now become her biggest strengths. Her ability to overcome challenges and embrace her unique voice forms the foundation of her approach to podcasting.

Courtney’s Three Phases of Podcasting

Unlike most podcast experts who focus on tech and logistics, Courtney’s unique approach taps into the science of human behavior and psychology to help people create binge-worthy podcasts that listeners can’t ignore. Inside her signature program PodLaunch®, Courtney and her team have helped over 90% of their clients break the Apple Top 100 in their categories and scale their podcasts 5x faster with their psychology-based approach.

Courtney teaches that there are three non-negotiable ingredients to a Top 100 podcast, all of which make up her unique podcasting methodology:

Bingeworthy Content Formula: Creating content that attracts, retains, and converts listeners is essential to every podcaster’s journey, but Courtney points out that the conversation with your listeners begins from the moment they encounter your podcast. This is why she teaches her clients about the five Content Gatekeepers™ that are responsible for whether someone decides to hit play, and how aligning these to attract new listeners is essential to creating a podcast that doesn’t get overlooked.

Launch and Relaunch System: In an over-crowded digital marketplace, Courtney guides her clients on how to build a podcast that sets them apart from the competition so that they can create real demand for their offers while elevating their credibility in their niche. She also helps them build a strategy for ranking consistently on the podcast charts, so they can get discovered by new potential listeners, drive more downloads, and reach a global audience with their message.

Long-Term Audience Building Strategy: While there are over 20 different ways to drive traffic to a podcast, Courtney focuses on six core strategies that create compounding returns over time. Because her clients are six- and seven-figure business owners who are looking to leverage their podcast as a platform for visibility and as lead-generator for their business, the strategies she employs helps her clients experience consistent audience growth, generate sustainable income from their show, and create the greater impact they deserve while using their voice to build their legacy.

Success for Courtney and Her Clients

Courtney and her team work with those who are looking to start profitable podcasts as well as those who currently have podcasts that aren’t growing as quickly as they expected.

Courtney’s goal is simple: she believes success follows service. She’s the host of “Insider Secrets to a Top 100 Podcast,” an invaluable resource for her community where she actively guides podcasters and aspiring hosts towards success. While the show receives thousands of downloads each month and results in bookings and leads, Courtney sees her biggest success as the ability to use her voice to create positive change in the world and help others do the same. She teaches her clients that they have a responsibility to take full ownership of their unique voice and use it to make a lasting impact for generations to come.

Courtney acknowledges that her team, including editors, sound experts, coaches, graphic designers, and copywriters, plays a crucial role in her work. They embody her teachings and contribute to her clients’ exceptional podcasting results. Looking ahead to 2024, Courtney intends to boost production for her own podcast. She’ll also explore new growth strategies, aiming to transform them into valuable resources for her clients.

Connect with Courtney Elmer

If you’re eager to learn more about Courtney and her podcasting expertise, visit her website at TheEffortlessLife.co. Through her website, you can access her podcast, press materials, and media appearances. Additionally, she encourages connecting with her through her Podcast and on Instagram or LinkedIn to stay updated with her latest insights and tips.


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