Unfolding the Brilliance of ASCA Office Solutions: A Tribute to Anthony Sarno

Unfolding the Brilliance of ASCA Office Solutions: A Tribute to Anthony Sarno
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Toronto, ON  – Anthony Sarno, the Founder and President of ASCA, has been the recipient of numerous awards for his entrepreneurial skills and his tireless efforts to demonstrate to his customers what makes ASCA better.

For every successful business, there is an equally commendable leader steering the ship. In the case of ASCA Office Solutions, this captain is none other than its Founder and President, Anthony Sarno. Over the years, Sarno’s unwavering entrepreneurial skills and dedication to customer satisfaction have been consistently recognized, catapulting ASCA to an esteemed position in the business world

ASCA Office Solutions is revered as one of Canada’s premier providers of brand name computer supplies, printing supplies, paper, office furniture, and unsurpassed IT solutions. It is the innovative service orientation and corporate integrity embodied by Sarno that underpin ASCA’s stellar reputation.

Since 2014, ASCA has garnered an astounding array of awards and accolades under Sarno’s leadership. In 2014, ASCA was recognized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario as the recipient of the ICCO PWC Next Generation Award. In the same year, ASCA was named the 8th fastest-growing company in Canada by Profit 500 Magazine and one of the Top 100 Solution Providers by Computer Dealer News (CDN).

Fast forward to 2015, ASCA was again lauded by Profit 500 Magazine as the 17th fastest-growing company in Canada. This stellar year also saw Sarno named as a runner-up in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur awards, a testament to his innovative spirit and unyielding dedication to his business and customers.

The recognition didn’t end there. ASCA’s excellence carried into the next year with CDN awarding them the Channel Elite Silver Award for Best Managed Service Solution in 2016. This prestigious honour recognized the groundbreaking efforts of ASCA in providing innovative services, improved efficiency, and unrivaled dedication to customer service within the previous year.

The floodgates of recognition swung open even wider in 2017 when TechnoPlanet named ASCA one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada following an extensive audit of the company’s business practices. This marked a significant milestone for ASCA, as it did once again in 2018, and further solidified its status as a top-tier provider of Managed IT services. In the same year, CDN further honored ASCA’s innovative spirit by awarding them as the IoT Provider of the Year.

Today, ASCA Office Solutions continues to excel in its field, maintaining its unbroken streak as one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies in Canada into 2022 as bestowed by eChannelNews and TechnoPlanet. This consistent recognition highlights the enduring strength and resilience of ASCA under the adept stewardship of Anthony Sarno.

Sarno’s passion, entrepreneurial acumen, and tireless efforts at the helm of ASCA have undeniably established the company as a dominant force in the managed print services, IT, and office solutions landscape. Beyond business success, these accolades affirm Anthony Sarno’s commitment to serving his customers with superior products and unparalleled service.

In light of such relentless drive and dedication, it would be remiss of us not to give a standing ovation to the man of the hour, Anthony Sarno, for his unwavering resolve and the inspirational leadership that has shaped ASCA Office Solutions into the award-winning powerhouse it is today.

So, why settle for less when you can choose the proven best? Join the countless satisfied customers and let ASCA Office Solutions—lead by the award-winning entrepreneur Anthony Sarno—carve out your path to success.

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