Turning the Tides of Sales: Eli Wilde’s Inspiring Journey To Become A Leading Sales Expert In America

Turning the Tides of Sales: Eli Wilde's Inspiring Journey To Become A Leading Sales Expert In America
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Eli Wilde, with his innovative approach to sales, is single-handedly creating a new generation of empathetic sales people around the world. Armed with the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an understanding of human psychology, Wilde has revolutionized the art of selling. Garnering immense success, he has worked alongside some of the most influential entrepreneurs, sales trainers, and life coaches of the past decade. Here’s His Story.

Pushing Past The Struggle

Eli Wilde’s journey to becoming a sales expert was fueled by personal struggle and discovery. Initially, he was an insecure salesman who struggled with communication. However, when he stumbled upon NLP, it was as if a lightbulb went on. Diving into the intricacies of human psychology, patterns, and behavior, he saw the potential of transforming sales into a tool for making a difference. He once shared, “I was in sales and sucked. I was insecure and didn’t communicate well.” That’s when he stumbled across NLP. “I became obsessed with understand the human mind and behavior and knew the next step was finding a mentor.” While attending a business conference, he connected with a highly succesful life coach who provided him both a role in his company and personal mentorship. 

Creating His Own Systems

As Eli started applying NLP principles in sales, his life took a dramatic turn. His approach to sales evolved from being transactional to transformational. He embraced the science of emotions and realized that framing, changing context, and reframing meanings for prospects were vital to creating a resistance-screw sales process. This is when he truly understood the potential of NLP to make a difference in people’s lives through sales. Eli mentions, “Sales aren’t transactional, they can be transformational if you know how to communicate.”

Developing A Community

Eli Wilde then took a leap and developed Wilde Influence. Through an exclusive 8-week boot camp, he teaches the concepts of “NLP for Sales.” These concepts, which have helped him produce over $100 million in sales, empower individuals to connect with prospects on a deeper level. Wilde’s training focuses on four levels of influence: foundational, sales, one to many, and influence at scale. This holistic approach has not only allowed thousands of salespeople to transform their own lives but also make an impact on others. His methods emphasize mindset, communication, planning, processes, and support.

In summary, Eli Wilde has radically changed the landscape of sales through his understanding of NLP and human psychology. He turned his personal struggles into an inspiring journey that has influenced countless individuals. Through Wilde Influence, he is molding salespersons into compassionate and effective communicators. As for the future, Eli plans to continue to expand his teachings and explore new avenues for sales empowerment. His journey stands as a testament to the power of understanding and adapting human behavior for creating meaningful change.

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