Tristan Dlabik and Partners: Revolutionizing the Financial and Media Industries

Tristan Dlabik and Partners: Financial and Media Industries
Photo Courtesy: Adversity Kings Media / Tristan Dlabik

By: Tristan Dlabik

In an era of rapid technological change and the merging of industries, one name stands out for its pioneering vision and relentless drive: Tristan Dlabik. Along with his partners, Tristan is transforming the financial and media landscapes, creating a unique blend of services that not only meet but exceed market expectations. His journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a visionary leader is a story of resilience, innovation, and a commitment to making a difference.

Tristan’s journey began in Little Rock, Arkansas. Raised in a tough environment, he experienced the extremes of life early on. “My mom left, and my dad showed me the luxury life before he also left. His tough love made us stronger, but growing up angry led me into trouble on the streets,” Tristan recalls. At 18, he found his calling in sales, which opened the door to entrepreneurship. “The key moment was starting in sales at 18. It was my opportunity to create something of my own,” says Tristan. Despite challenges like sleepless nights, a tight schedule, and minimal formal education, Tristan’s determination fueled his progress.

Tristan’s vision goes beyond profits. “Our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, to be the example of selflessness in entrepreneurship,” he explains. Unlike those driven by greed, Tristan aims to uplift others with similar backgrounds, promoting a culture of integrity and support. In the financial sector, particularly life insurance, Tristan saw a universal need. “Everyone needs life insurance; everyone is in sales,” he notes. For the media, the goal is clear: to build platforms that stand out by prioritizing honesty and customer service. Tristan’s business model is rooted in networking and collaboration. “We focus on the ability to network with honesty and an obsession with customer service,” he says. This approach distinguishes his ventures from the competition, fostering trust and reliability.

“Our unique feature is self-accountability within our organization,” Tristan states. This principle drives the quality and consistency of their services. Moreover, their innovative media collaborations set them apart, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Quality is a cornerstone of Tristan’s ventures. “We ensure quality through consistent effort and staying true to our values and mission,” he emphasizes. Tristan is excited about upcoming media collaborations that promise to further revolutionize the industry. “We’re working on projects that will set new standards in how media and finance intersect,” he hints.

Tristan Dlabik and Partners: Financial and Media Industries
Photo Courtesy: Adversity Kings Media / Tristan Dlabik

Tristan’s growth strategy is simple yet powerful: “Doing the basics repeatedly and genuinely caring about others.” Networking plays a crucial role, along with a commitment to real, honest content in their marketing efforts. Mass posting of valuable content and utilizing company prospects are key to their marketing strategy. “Posting real, honest content that holds value is essential,” Tristan shares. Partnerships with industry leaders like Rob Jackson, Brandon Gamagami, Dave Wang, John Zalesky, Justin Maska, and Nate Frahm have been pivotal. “These collaborations have been crucial to our success,” Tristan acknowledges.

Tristan describes his leadership style as people-centric. “I lead with people, not without them. Guiding them to chase their dreams is vital,” he says. He believes in fostering freedom and growth within his team. The culture at Tristan’s companies is built on faith, honesty, humor, and support. “We want top talent to feel free, not stuck,” he explains. To attract and retain talent, Tristan leads from the front, inspiring his team through example. “I want top talent to stay and grow with us,” he adds.

Brandon Gamagami shares his success story: “Since joining the team, I’ve made over $300,000 in a short time. I’ve grown mentally and spiritually, and I’ve been able to bless my family financially, taking my mother out to fancy dinners and putting my little brother on payroll.” Nate Frahm echoes this sentiment: “At 21 years old and having been with the company for a year and a half, I’m fortunate to have made well over six figures. Along with the financial gains, I’ve experienced tremendous growth mentally, physically, and spiritually.” Justin Maska also shares his transformation: “Starting with AK in early 2021, I went from a broke college dropout with less than $800 to my name to a multi-six-figure earner within two years. This financial transformation has allowed me to take care of my family and loved ones.” Robert Jackson adds: “I’ve been working side by side with Tristan for the last four years. Just being around him and helping build AK Media, I’ve impressed myself in every area of my life. I’ve made over $1,000,000 in income, helped my brother and many others make over $500,000, bought my sister a house, paid for her wedding, and give my mom $5k a month. The world will be greatly impacted by what Tristan is building.” John Zalesky shares: “Since joining AK in July 2021, I’ve grown from someone who was lost with little vision for life to becoming closer to God and my family, and expanding in business and all aspects of life. My vision is to ensure my future family never has to worry about anything.”

David Wang, with 23 years in the insurance industry, reflects on his journey: “My family and I have enjoyed all the trappings of success from homes to every brand of cars, boats, and toys. My greatest accomplishments have been raising successful boys and sending them to major universities and retiring my mom three years into the business. Money and lifestyle are great, but it’s who you become in the process of pursuing your dreams, struggle, and achieving.”

Tristan has learned many lessons on his journey. “Respect your parents and women, use media effectively, build equity, obsess over your customers, and constantly push yourself to learn and grow,” he advises. If he could go back, Tristan would be less hard on others, take better care of himself, and ensure he gets enough sleep. “Being too hard on others when I started is something I’d change,” he reflects. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Tristan’s advice is straightforward: “Find someone you would trade places with and don’t quit.” This guidance encapsulates his entrepreneurial philosophy.

Tristan’s ambitions are clear: “To revolutionize the sales force space, be the face of media for young entrepreneurs, and transform how sales companies recruit.” He sees the industry expanding and requiring more sales representatives than ever before. “The need for sales reps will surpass average wages,” Tristan predicts. He envisions his company leading from the front, setting new standards and driving innovation. “We aim to be pioneers in this evolving landscape,” he asserts.

“My work is my personal life,” Tristan admits. His passion for his work is all-encompassing. To stay motivated, Tristan goes to the gym, reads, watches movies, practices Jiu-Jitsu, and maintains strong connections with his agents and leaders. “Simon Arias, Patrick Bet-David, God, and my parents have all significantly influenced me,” he says, highlighting the importance of mentors and inspiration.

Tristan’s challenging upbringing fuels his commitment to giving back. “I love helping others and supporting the community,” he states. He is particularly proud of the philanthropic efforts his business undertakes. “Giving back is at the core of what we do,” Tristan emphasizes.

Tristan Dlabik’s journey from a tough upbringing to revolutionizing the financial and media industries is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a deep commitment to community and excellence. His story not only inspires but also serves as a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of modern business.


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