Travis Baucom’s Balcomie Capital is at the Center of the Self-Storage Investment Space

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High-net-worth investors are always looking for stable new places to invest their capital. And people in the modern world will always have a need for self-storage facilities that can accommodate belongings not needed in their homes. When you bring these two facts together, it’s easy to see why self-storage investments are a hot topic and have been on the rise for the last few years. 

Though self-storage investment has been a viable investment opportunity for over 40 years, it really took off post-pandemic and has emerged as a key point of interest among accredited investors looking for a consistent source of passive income.

One of the leading figures in the self-storage investment space is Travis Baucom, a proven investment manager and influencer who, along with the team he hand-picked at Balcomie Capital, is helping investors navigate the exciting and lucrative investment opportunities in the world of self-storage.

Baucom has an impressive investment track record. As the CEO of the largest privately-owned distressed house-buying company in Texas. He and his team bought over $50 million in houses from 2015- 2020, however, due to the massive opportunity in self-storage, Baucom chose to leave Texas Trust Home Buyers and fully focus on Balcomie Capital. Additionally, He is also a proponent of education and self-improvement, he and his wife, Kristina, founded a private school with a strong emphasis on STEAM curriculum, entrepreneurship, and emotional awareness.

Why Self-Storage?

Baucom is passionate about his firm’s investment opportunities and is pleased to explain why this investment space has become so popular. “The historical profitability of self-storage units has made them a popular choice among investors seeking tax-advantaged investments that can generate long-term revenue,” he said. 

He also noted that the self-storage industry has been one of the only bright spots in an investment and economic downturn. His investments have remained resilient to the economic and geopolitical fluctuations of the past few years and provided a more reliable source of income for investors than traditional stock or property investments. 

“Investors focus too much on buying houses. Focusing on self-storage has presented more returns on the dollar, and commercial real estate has proven more profitable,” shared Baucom. 

Low-Key, Low-Cost Investments

But it’s not only the stability in uncertain times that has drawn savvy investors to this niche investment sector. It is also the low correlation to the stock market that self-storage investments enjoy. So, no matter whether the market is up or down, investors in self-storage can expect few fluctuations in their dividends. 

“It truly is a great diversification option for investors looking to mitigate risk in their portfolios,” said Baucom.

Another attractive aspect of self-storage investments is the low cost of maintaining the facilities. They require little infrastructure, few staff members, and the cost and time of readying a unit for a new tenant is little more than sweeping the floor and handing over the key — or door code, as most new self-storage facilities are keyless. 

Balcomie Capital’s Approach

Focused on personalized service, guidance, support, and an expert approach to investing, Balcomie Capital works with a small and select group of accredited, high-net-worth individuals who are interested in alternative investments.

The firm and its clients are primarily focused on strategies for building generational wealth that can be paired with passive income streams. The trusted investment partners at Balcomie have already purchased over 50 million in assets with a goal of purchasing another $50 million in 2023, and Baucom himself has bought over 400 houses and two apartment complexes. Their impressive average yearly return on investments outperforms the market.

Many of their clients approach them looking for more stable and consistent investment options than traditional investments — such as the stock market — which can and does fluctuate wildly in response to economic and geopolitical uncertainties.

Due to Balcomie’s investment experience and knowledge in the area of self-storage investments, they have become a firm to seek when seriously considering self-storage investing. Baucom and his team provide a valuable resource for anyone interested in the growing investment field. 

With the help of such a seasoned group of alternative investment experts, accredited investors who choose to invest with Balcomie can feel confident they are making smart investment decisions in an industry that has proven to be both resilient and ever-increasing in profit.


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