Transformational Speaker Marie S. Hall Joins Shawn Fair’s List of Powerhouse Speakers for the Leadership Experience Tour

Having spent years building a career in leadership training and transformation, Shawn Fair, through his exclusive club for speakers, brings accomplished speakers together to amplify their impact. Marie S. Hall is the latest addition to that club, and Shawn Fair has expressed his enthusiasm about how he hopes to see her shine and impact lives through her experience.

Marie S. Hall is a transformational speaker who works with individuals and organizations to amplify and leverage their confidence, skills, and knowledge to impact the world significantly. Well-known for her gifts as a storyteller, she uses her ministry, business, and education background to weave stories that inspire and encourage people to move from their trials to be triumphant.

As someone who spent a great deal of her life dealing with low self-esteem and self-worth, she experienced many challenges before realizing her God-given power, which spurred her to change her life trajectory. Thus, she became more intentional, understood the power in her words and recognized the self-worth that eventually moved her from her fears to faith. Over the years, she has built a brand as a change agent passionate about empowering, elevating and educating people to become the best version of themselves. She’s making her mark in Atlanta, Georgia as an author, speaker, educator and entrepreneur.

Shawn Fair, the founder of the Leadership Experience Tour, noticed the work Marie was doing in impacting lives and thought it best to sign her up for the highly exclusive speakers club. Marie’s work at RubyMac Learning Academy has been impactful over the years, and Shawn decided she would make a great addition to the lineup of speakers. RubyMac Learning Academy specializes in Adult Literacy for English language learners, professional development for organizations looking to galvanize employees’ skills. The academy also offers tutorial and education services for children from kindergarten classes through eighth grade.

Marie S. Hall is an accomplished author, speaker, founder of a nonprofit organization, entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, founder of personal coaching and development Signature Program (B.O.S.S. U.P.), and the creator of the MALI (Math and Literacy Independence) MOVEMENT that provides free tutorial services to children in marginalized communities. She achieved everything she did despite living through trauma all her life. Her decision to take control of her life made all the difference. “There is greatness in all of us. Some recognize their greatness, and some don’t. My job is to support others in finding the greatness inside of them. They are diamonds in the rough. I was a diamond in the rough, and I didn’t recognize my strength and power. So I’ve made it my mission to help those that don’t recognize it and provide tools to bring out the diamond so they can shine bright the way that they were meant to shine,” she said.

Shawn Fair, a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, has put his intuition to best use over the last few years to select speakers for the Leadership Experience Tour. His experience and expertise as a global corporate consultant, personal coach and leadership trainer has played a massive role in helping him deliver world-class and award-winning presentations, efficient training for individuals and companies, and dynamic working environments for employees in many global corporations. This experience also takes center stage in choosing speakers for the Leadership Experience Tour, where he works with accomplished speakers in various fields. As Marie S. Hall joins the elite club of speakers, she hopes to impact lives more profoundly while hoping the experience gets her closer to the level of impact she hopes to make in the world. “My goal is to become the next Marva Collins. I see myself having a world-renowned top private school that fosters children’s growth and development while also training and developing educators. Additionally, I hope to grab every chance to tell my story to everyone so they can begin to live life on purpose. If I have to travel the world to do that, I will,” she said.

Learn more about Marie S. Hall on her official website.


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