Trainee Human Rights Lawyer from London Launches Bold Global Mental Health Campaign

Trainee Human Rights Lawyer from London Launches Bold Global Mental Health Campaign
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In the heart of London, Mohammed Sbahuddin Rafiuddin, a 32-year-old trainee human rights lawyer and mental health activist, is embarking on a transformative journey. Drawing inspiration from his personal decade-long battle with mental health challenges, Mohammed is unveiling the “Mohammed’s Mental Health Campaign.” 

This groundbreaking initiative aims to enshrine “sound mental health” as a fundamental human right, aligning with the global sentiment echoed on World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2023: ‘Mental Health is a universal human right.’

About Mohammed’s Mental Health Campaign

Trainee Human Rights Lawyer from London Launches Bold Global Mental Health Campaign
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Mohammed’s Mental Health Campaign is not just another initiative; it’s a global movement. Its objectives are threefold:

Empowerment: Mohammed’s mission is deeply personal. By sharing his own story of resilience and recovery, he aims to empower those grappling with mental health issues, offering specialized support, guidance, and insights. His vision is clear: no one should feel defeated in their battle against mental illness.

Improved Care: Collaborations are at the heart of Mohammed’s vision for the future. By partnering with mental health professionals, from psychiatrists to therapists, and advocating for increased funding and support for caregivers, Mohammed aspires to elevate the entire mental health care ecosystem.

Education & Awareness: Central to his mission is the eradication of the stigma surrounding mental health, especially within the Asian, African, and Ethnic Minority communities. By promoting awareness and fostering education, Mohammed hopes to create a world where mental health discussions are normalized and free from prejudice.

The campaign’s long-term vision encompasses a five-point action plan, which includes:

  • Legal recognition of “The Right to Sound Mental Health” as a basic human right, both in the UK and globally.
  • Increased funding for mental health research.
  • Enhanced support and funding for mental health services.
  • Robust public health campaigns centered on mental health awareness.
  • A concerted effort to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mohammed passionately believes that together, we can reshape the narrative surrounding mental health. He said, “My own journey has fortified my resolve. I envision a future where society is unshackled from the biases associated with mental illness. Every individual, irrespective of their background, should have the chance to lead a mentally healthy life without fear of judgment.”

Mohammed’s personal journey is a testament to his resilience. As he neared the completion of his law degree, he faced the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Despite the challenges, with the aid of therapy, medication, and sheer determination, Mohammed has emerged stronger. Today, he collaborates with renowned charities and organizations, including Mind, Rethink Mental Illness, Humanity First, and the NHS.

Dr. G. Borghini, a Consultant Psychiatrist with NHS Hertfordshire, who has known Mohammed for years, expressed his admiration, “Mohammed’s story is a beacon of hope. His dedication to helping others, especially those facing mental health challenges, is commendable. I wholeheartedly support his campaign and its mission to shatter mental health stigmas.”

Peter Taylor, the Elected Mayor of Watford, echoed these sentiments, “Mohammed’s resilience is awe-inspiring. As his mayor, I’m proud to support his campaign’s noble cause.”

Mohammed’s message is clear: mental health matters. He shared, “In the Asian community, mental health topics are often shunned. When I began my journey, there was a deafening silence on the issue. It’s time for change.”

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