Real Estate Professionals to Follow in 2022

Do you ever wonder what the future of the real estate industry looks like – or what it may look like moving into 2022? We interviewed some of the top real estate professionals to find out just that. Continue reading to discover what these industry leaders have to say about the future of real estate.


  1. Jesse Dilillo

Jesse DiLillo is an American real estate investor and entrepreneur based out of San Diego, California. Jesse began investing in real estate at the age of 16 with his parents, and has since launched several successful real estate investment companies. Jesse works with new and seasoned investors, helping them to accelerate the growth of their net worth. Jesse’s company, JSJ Sustainable Investments, LLC, is a commercial real estate investment firm that offers their investors and global clientele lucrative investment opportunities with seasoned, high net worth strategic partners nationwide. Jesse believes that over the next couple years we will see a market correction, not as bad as 2008, but some areas of the country will be hit harder than others. 

As more foreign investors move into the US investment space, margins will tighten, and you will have to be focused on long term investments, 5-10 years down the road. Jesse went on to state: “There is always money to be made in real estate, you just may have to shift your investment strategy to match the changes in the industry, as we have done several times over the last decade.” In the future, Jesse will continue scaling his current businesses, and also looks forward to creating a sustainable private equity fund that specializes in green investment opportunities. Click here to connect with Jesse DiLillo and visit to learn more.

  1. Sebastian Acosta

Sebastian Acosta is a leading real estate agent in the Miami area who specializes in luxury and commercial real estate properties. As a Global Real Estate Adviser with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, Sebastian became a top agent by evaluating and aligning with client’s needs while forming a personal connection with them. Acosta has over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry and uses his knowledge to provide an unmatched, non-transactional realty experience for clients. When asked about the future of the real estate industry, Sebastian stated: “Technology is changing the role of realtors quickly and they must adapt to stay successful. Agents need to specialize in a specific niche so they can still provide value to clients through superior information and service that can’t be accessed easily.”

 Sebastian’s advice to professionals in the industry is that they need to build a reputation as a realtor who digs deeper into what a client wants and then goes above and beyond to make it reality. Success to Acosta means making clients happy and helping them transition into the next chapter of their life with a new home. In the future, Sebastian looks forward to continuing the growth of his team and moving into the development sector of real estate while improving himself personally to become the top real estate agent in Miami. To learn more about Sebastian Acosta click here.

  1. Dakotah Charron

Dakotah Charron is a Canadian real estate professional and founder of Arete Holdings Group who creatively locates, secures and acquires real estate investment opportunities. In just over three years Dakotah has utilized his fresh perspective to take part in well over 100 successful real estate investments from land development to home flipping and rental properties. Charron is also responsible for building Winnipeg’s largest real estate networking community NREIC which is on the verge of launching their unique community across Canada with provincial chapters in 2022. 

Dakotah’s faith as a Christian is his driving force for continued business and personal growth. In the bible God uses scripture, Eph. 6 which Dakotah uses to guide, protect and serve him through his business decisions. He went on to say, he uses that as his weapon in the business world. He is equipped by God through prayer, guidance, hope and faith. The most vital piece of advice Dakotah has for any new real estate professional is to bet on yourself. 

He went on to state that everyone has the skills necessary for success but it’s about utilizing them to bring your dreams to life. In the future Dakotah aspires to continue his growth as a real estate professional and would like to expand NREIC and Arete Holdings Group nationally across Canada. To learn more about Dakotah Charron click here.

  1. Arial Pegues

Arial Pegues is a Real Estate professional who services clients in the DMV area. Arial has over 15 years of experience in real estate and leads an office of 38 agents. Pegues co-hosts a podcast with two other top producing agents in the area, Arnita Greene and Cher Castillo. The podcast is called ‘Queens of the DMV’ and they give out industry news, useful tips and information for budding real estate agents and seasoned professionals alike. Arial is also known for her volunteer work in her local community and various recognitions she has received such as “DMV’s Top 25 Black Realtors To Know in 2020”, and a Platinum Honor through Prince George’s County Association of Realtors and her brokerage, Vylla Home. 

Pegues has a passion for real estate that sets her apart from the competition as well as a reputation as a trustworthy professional with integrity. Arial looks forward to expanding the number of agents working under her, and stated that capitalizing on cutting edge technology and data are crucial to future growth in the industry. To learn more about Arial Pegues click here.

  1. Alan Calimbas

Alan Calimbas is a Canadian real estate professional and founder of Vancity 4 Sale, a Real Estate business in Vancouver. Alan made a name for himself in the industry by designing personalized strategies that align with his client’s goals and forming close relationships with them. To Alan, success means extremely happy clients that have had their goals met and beyond. In just five years of being in business, 

Alan has been able to generate over $60 million in real estate transactions individually and more than $160 million in team sales thanks to his ability to connect with clients and align with their needs. Alan stated “The future of real estate is going to be based around technology and new integrated initiatives. Buyers and consumers have access to insights and research readily available to them more than ever before, making realtors the last step for many consumers.” 

As technology changes real estate, the role of a realtor will change and success for realtors will be based on how they adapt with the changes, connect with their clients and how they make each consumer feel. Reputation and brand will be vital to growth and survival. Outside of his career, Alan is dedicated to his giving back to the community and often donates to and sponsors charity events. Rescue animals are a passion of Alan’s too as he has rescued 2 dogs and a cat. To learn more about Alan Calimbas and his business Vancity 4 Sale, click here.

  1. Jeff Henry

Jeff Henry is an American real estate professional and the founder of VAOCITY. VAOCITY is a real estate staffing agency that hires, fully trains, and staffs virtual assistants for real estate businesses. Jeff began his career in real estate as an investor in Tampa, FL and has since been involved in over 500 home flipping projects. Jeff also established RealTEK Automations, a custom built CRM that helps over 150 real estate businesses organize their leads and increase efficiency. 

VAOCITY allows clients to realize the full potential of their business by providing them with high quality virtual assistants that know exactly what to do on day one. All of VAOCITY’s virtual assistants go through an intensive 6 day training program that prepares them for all of their upcoming roles and responsibilities. These virtual assistants perform useful roles as executive administrators and cold callers with a high level of professionalism. 

VAOCITY was created for real estate investors specifically, but in 2022 Jeff wants to expand their services to reach brokers and agents as well. Jeff is also a mentor to more than 500 students per week and teaches them proven strategies that have made him successful as an investor. Between his work as a mentor and VAOCITY, Jeff is dedicated to helping others enter the real estate industry and accelerate the growth of their business. To learn more about Jeff Henry click here.

  1. Tom Faye

Tom Faye is a real estate professional and author who operates in New Zealand. Now the Managing Director at Life Bricks Developments Tom successfully built a career as a property investor by specializing in flipping houses with modern strategies. In the last decade Tom has established himself as one of the most innovative real estate investors in New Zealand by carefully designing and perfecting a duplicatable strategy that allows him to see large returns on projects. Tom is passionate about educating others and enjoys sharing his proven process to help others gain financial freedom. 

Tom’s autobiography Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million will be published early in 2022. The book will dive deep into Tom’s journey as a real estate professional and educate readers who want to get into real estate themselves, or who are interested in learning more about the industry. The processes Tom discusses in Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million are cutting edge strategies that he developed during COVID-19 and allowed him to align over $11 million of property transactions in just 18 months. 

Many real estate authors push outdated advice that isn’t helpful to the modern real estate agent or investor, but Tom believes that realtors have to evolve with the market. To learn more about Tom Faye or Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million click here.

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