10 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023

Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023
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Kelly Rompel PharmD
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1. Kelly Rompel PharmD.

Kelly Rompel PharmD is a Pharmacist and a prominent presence in the world of Functional Medicine and Epigenetic Consulting. She has transformed her journey from dispensing medications behind a pharmacy counter to establishing a thriving health consulting business. Her mission? To help her clients steer clear of unnecessary medications by addressing the holistic root causes of their health issues.

As the author of the best-selling book “Don’t Tell Me To Relax,” the host of the Rebel Whitecoat Podcast, and the founder and CEO of WildRoots Wellness, Kelly stands as an accomplished and fearless entrepreneur. She artfully combines her pharmaceutical expertise with a passion for functional medicine, producing life-changing outcomes for her clients.

Kelly’s standout quality lies in her pioneering approach to root causes. She employs functional lab and genetic testing, crafts personalized protocols, and provides unwavering support. Her specialty lies in assisting high-achieving women who grapple with the relentless cycle of burnout and mental fog. Kelly’s clear-cut mission is to rejuvenate their energy and focus, all without resorting to quick fixes like Adderall. Her transformational work empowers high-performing women to transition from exhaustion to vibrancy, enabling them to relish life and career anew.

Her journey commenced in 2006 when she graduated from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Driven by a fascination with natural healing, Kelly overcame her personal struggles with gut health and mental wellness. Through certifications from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Apeiron Academy, and Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Program, she has cultivated a holistic approach that has positively touched the lives of numerous women across the United States. Guiding them toward comprehensive mind-body-soul healing, Kelly’s impact resonates deeply.

Connect with Kelly Rompel on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, where she shares captivating content under the handle @kelly.rebelwhitecoat.

Miles Welch
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2. Miles Welch

Miles Welch, the visionary behind Miles Welch Coaching, is a distinguished global leadership expert committed to empowering ambitious leaders in optimizing their personal and team potential. With a track record of influencing countless executives, entrepreneurs, and business proprietors, his impactful speaking engagements and coaching sessions are augmented by his groundbreaking developmental initiatives. 

Miles’s multifaceted leadership journey encompasses roles as diverse as a Platoon Sergeant in the Marines, a prominent pastor at one of America’s largest churches, the Executive Director of the esteemed John Maxwell Leadership Center, and the mastermind behind two flourishing business ventures. His resolute dedication to driving success knows no bounds.

Residing with his family in the vibrant Atlanta locale, Miles Welch stands as a beacon of inspiration, tirelessly propelling individuals and teams toward unparalleled achievement on the global stage. Catch him on LinkedIn and Twitter for more!

Torii Rowe
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3. Torii Rowe

Torii Rowe, once a dedicated police officer, made a remarkable pivot into the realm of entrepreneurship, creating waves within the eCommerce industry. Following four years in law enforcement, Torii embarked on a transformative journey by establishing manssion.com. This visionary endeavor achieved an astonishing feat, skyrocketing from ground zero to eight-figure revenues within just three years.

As the head of growth at Dreamlabs, a prominent advertising agency, Torii’s expertise shines through as he guides seven and eight-figure brands toward nine-figure successes. His role as a growth mastermind is underscored by his extensive involvement in the eCommerce landscape, where he possesses ownership of six additional brands.

With a stellar track record of managing over 500 million dollars in paid media advertising, Torii Rowe is a proven expert in scaling top eCommerce entities. His marketing acumen is boundless, fueling his reputation as an innovative strategist who can navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Renowned for his innovative growth strategies and marketing prowess, Torii Rowe continues to redefine success in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. His impact reverberates not only through his remarkable achievements but also in his ability to inspire others to strive for excellence.

Connect with Torii on Instagram and Twitter to witness his journey unfold. For more insights into his ventures, visit DreamlabsAgency.com and Manssion.com.

Deshon Carr
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4. Deshon Carr

Meet Deshon Carr, the visionary behind On Time Mobile Wash. With 13 years of entrepreneurial prowess and 6 years in the transportation realm, Deshon’s fervor for vehicles ignited the inception of this exceptional brand. As the CEO & President, he seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with mobility, setting his business apart from the crowd.

In the face of challenges, including the impact of COVID-19 on workforce availability, On Time Mobile Wash has not only prevailed but thrived. It proudly boasts BBB regulation and the esteemed recognition as Lisle’s premier detail company.

Deshon’s horizon is filled with aspirations, seeing his brand as the pinnacle platform for vehicle detailing and power washing solutions. Beyond the realms of business, he nurtures a dream of owning an NBA team, demonstrating his audacious spirit and boundless vision.

From selling candy during his school days to crafting custom leather belts, Deshon’s entrepreneurial journey has been a testament to his relentless drive. Based in the vibrant city of Chicago, Deshon’s path echoes his profound belief: life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Discover more about Deshon Carr and his ventures on Facebook and Instagram. Explore the world of On Time Mobile Wash through their business pages on Facebook and Instagram. For their services, visit their store and experience the future of vehicle care.

Alexandra Robinson
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5. Alexandra Robinson 

In a world craving instant results, Alexandra Robinson shines as a voice of reason, revealing a crucial insight: real progress takes time. Her message reframes personal growth, urging individuals to treasure gradual steps over instant leaps. 

Just as seeds need nurturing, personal development thrives with patience.

In a perfection-obsessed culture, Alexandra offers a refreshing perspective. She urges savoring the process, where meaningful change unfolds. Instead of frustration, gradual progress aligns with life’s rhythms, yielding lasting results.

Consistent effort is key. Daily steps, seemingly small, amass into significant strides over time. Like water shaping landscapes, our actions carve a path to our goals.

Amid quick fixes, Alexandara Robinson advocates savoring the journey. Acknowledging that progress takes time frees us from unrealistic expectations. Each step forward becomes an accomplishment, revealing the beauty of steady growth.

Alexandra encourages embracing patience. By internalizing this truth, we navigate personal progress with grace, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to the transformative power of time.

Follow Alexandra Robinson’s journey on Instagram (@alexnrobinson) and Twitter (@arobinsonmgmt).

Julian Melanson
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6. Julian Melanson

Julian Melanson is an exceptional filmmaker, business owner, and bestselling instructor whose unwavering commitment is to guide students toward realizing their fullest potential. With an astounding track record of impacting over 250,000 students across 130+ countries, Julian has honed his skills to become a true expert in his field.

Julian’s journey as an educator is one of profound impact and global influence. His ability to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures is nothing short of remarkable. Aside from 600 new students of all ages enrolling in his courses each day, companies like Nasdaq, Volkswagen, Eventbrite, Capital One, Aflac, and Lyft use his courses to train their workforce. 

What sets Julian apart is his relentless pursuit of innovative teaching methods and technology integration. This mission to teach others how they can positively impact their own lives through creativity and the power of AI tools has led him to co-found the successful learning platform Leap Year Learning.

As a bestselling instructor, Julian’s influence reverberates in the achievements of his students. He equips them with the tools and knowledge they need to excel academically and as entrepreneurs in the modern world of AI and technology. His commitment to their success is a testament to his dedication as an educator.

In a world where education shapes the future, Julian stands as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. For more insights into Julian’s educational journey and online learning platform, you can explore his endeavors at JulianMelanson.com,  Leap Year Learning, and follow his current projects on Instagram.

Beau Vincent
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7. Beau Vincent

Beau Vincent embodies exceptional leadership, radiating positivity and fostering success. His unwavering dedication to family, service, and excellence defines him as a transformation catalyst. Through strengths in leadership, communication, and mentorship, Beau empowers aspiring leaders to achieve their dreams, both personally and professionally. His unique ability to inspire and guide sets him apart.

Beau’s impact extends beyond personal boundaries as he nurtures growth through mentorship and guiding others. As CEO and founder of Vincent Family Insurance, his commitment to service mirrors his desire to uplift others. He creates a positive change, enabling individuals to embrace transformation and overcome limitations.

In a world where leadership often implies authority, Beau’s legacy stands as an exemplar of positivity, service, and transformation. His leadership, communication, and advisory pave the way for empowered leaders who make a difference both within and beyond the realm of work.

For more insights into Beau Vincent’s leadership journey, you can visit Craig Wiggins Coaching or Allstate – Beau Vincent. You can also connect with Beau on social media through his Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as his page The Conviction of a Leader and Vincent Family Insurance. Additionally, you can listen to his podcast, The Conviction of a Leader, available on Apple Podcasts and Buzzsprout.

Benza Maman
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8. Benza Maman

Meet Benza, an innovative entrepreneur at the intersection of music, mindfulness, and technology. His unwavering belief in the symbiosis of creativity, spirituality, and technology drives his aspirations. Benza’s journey began as a music producer and audio engineer, gaining widespread attention when his TikTok content went viral.

Now Benza has taught over 80,000 students across 130+ countries. On the corporate side, companies like Pepsi Co, Nasdaq, Volkswagen, Eventbrite, Capital One, Aflac, and Lyft use his courses to train their workforce.

Benza’s trajectory took an exciting turn when he embraced the tech world. Joining Subject Technologies, he immersed himself in Ed-Tech, developing a profound understanding of the forthcoming AI revolution. As the impending era of artificial intelligence loomed, Benza and Julian Melanson co-founded Leap Year Learning with a clear mission: to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in an AI-driven landscape.

Benza is steadfast in his belief that the next generation of successful artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals will be defined by their adeptness in AI utilization. His journey epitomizes the seamless fusion of creativity, mindfulness, and technology—a testament to the dynamic potential of modern entrepreneurship.

For a deeper dive into Benza’s pioneering work, you can explore Leap Year Learning. Connect with him on Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok to stay updated on his transformative endeavors.

Neil Jeffrey Kay
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9. Neil Jeffrey Kay

Neil Kay, the CEO of Cisco Sales Corp—an accomplished entrepreneur whose illustrious career spans over four decades. Neil’s journey began in 1977 when he founded Cisco, a venture that has evolved into an industry titan. This remarkable feat followed a transformative overseas internship in Taiwan, which ignited his passion for business and innovation.

Beyond his exceptional business acumen, Neil’s background is enriched by his unique experiences. His versatility shines through as he once held the role of an NBA referee, a testament to his diverse and dynamic interests.

Neil’s leadership has played a pivotal role in steering Cisco’s growth and innovation. His forward-thinking approach and strategic insights have established him as a visionary in the corporate world. Under his guidance, Cisco has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking solutions.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Neil’s legacy is one of perseverance, adaptability, and unwavering commitment. His journey from a transformative overseas experience to leading a global sourcing supply chain company exemplifies the potential of a driven and inventive mind.

For a deeper look into Neil Kay’s journey, you can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram, as well as explore his professional profile on LinkedIn and the official Cisco website, CiscoUSA.com

Nikita Dronov
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10. Nikita Dronov

At 15, Nikita Dronov embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in Russia. Through unwavering discipline and dedication, he achieved remarkable success in just five years, co-founding Promodo Agency, a highly successful PR firm, at 20.

Guided by the principle of consistent hard work, Nikita collaborated with diverse clients through Promodo Agency, building a sterling industry reputation. With a global vision, he and his partner aspire to position Promodo Agency as a premier worldwide PR leader.

Stay updated on Nikita’s journey by following him on Instagram (@dronovsp) and Twitter (@dronovsp). Discover more about Promodo Agency at promodoagency.com. Nikita Dronov’s journey underscores the power of unwavering commitment and persistent effort in achieving lasting success.

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