Early Announcement of Top 10 Designer of Japan International Design Pioneer Award 2024

Top 10 Designer of Japan International Design Pioneer Award 2024
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By: David Saunders

In the dynamic heart of Tokyo, where tradition meets innovation, a momentous event is set to unfold in June 2024. The 6th Japan International Design Pioneer Award (Japan IDPA AWARD), renowned for its celebration of global design excellence, will once again illuminate the international design landscape. Among the esteemed honorees stands Xianlong Deng, whose visionary projects have earned him a coveted spot among the Top 10 Most Influential Designers, a testament to his innovative contributions to the world of design.

Top 10 Designer of Japan International Design Pioneer Award 2024
Photo Courtesy: www.idpa-japan.com / Xianlong Deng

Meet the Top 10 Designer – Xianlong Deng

The committee proudly announces Xianlong Deng as a finalist for the Top 10 Most Influential Designer of the year. Deng secured this accolade with his distinguished project, the La Brea Tar Pits Museum Expansion—a visionary concept poised to redefine the architectural landscape of Los Angeles.

Deng’s recognition as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Designers underscores his unique approach to design. His projects have been commended for their ability to inspire thought and distinguish themselves among a competitive field of applicants. Juror Hiromu Hasegawa succinctly captured this sentiment, stating, “Xianlong’s project is exceptionally thought-provoking and truly stands out among the applicants. He rightfully deserves the title of top 10 designer.”

This honor not only acknowledges Deng’s exceptional talent and dedication but also underscores his profound impact on contemporary design narratives.

Top 10 Designer of Japan International Design Pioneer Award 2024
Photo Courtesy: Xianlong Deng

About Japan International Pioneer Design Award

Established in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, the Japan International Pioneer Design Award (Japan IDPA AWARD) is jointly sponsored by Japanese Architecture and Interior Associates, renowned Japanese design agencies and designers, China Europe International Design Association (CEIDA), China International Design Network (CIID88), and BAMBOO MEDIA Co., Ltd.

The Japan IDPA AWARD aims to recognize internationally renowned designers and the influential design agencies. It serves as a platform to showcase cutting-edge cultural and design concepts while fostering global development in the cultural and creative industries, facilitating cultural exchanges and cooperation between nations. The 6th Japan IDPA AWARD 2024 ceremony, to be held in Tokyo in June, will invite politicians from China and Japan, esteemed representatives from the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan, leading figures from the Japanese design industry, and international design masters. Additionally, nearly a hundred major mainstream and industry media outlets will extensively cover the event, such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, Phoenix, Xinhuanet, People’s Daily Online, China.cn, CCTV and International Network, and more, further amplifying its impact and reach.

The ceremony will honor all designers and representatives of design agencies who attend with the honorary certificate of “2024 China Japan International Design Cultural Exchange Ambassador,” recognizing their contributions to promoting design between China and Japan.

The 2024 6th Japan IDPA AWARD International Design Pioneer Award and China-Japanese International Design Cultural Exchange Exhibition, along with the China-Japan International Design Theme Forum and the China-Japan International Design Exchange Exhibition series, will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in June 2024. This event is hosted by the China International Interior Design Network and co-organized by Tokyo Co., Ltd., メディア, and Japanese design industry organizations.

Top 10 Designer of Japan International Design Pioneer Award 2024
Photo Courtesy: www.idpa-japan.com

The Jury Group

An esteemed panel of eight renowned Japanese designers composed the illustrious jury panel for the Japan IDPA AWARD. Their collective expertise elevated the competition and ensured that each winning project resonated with innovation and relevance. Here are some of the distinguished members:

Ryo Takarada: Founder of Range Design INC, Takarada’s extensive experience spans architectural design, interior design, production, and product design.

Hiromu Hasegawa: Founder of Atelier TEMMA, Hasegawa is renowned for his contributions to architecture, interior design, and project branding.

Hisae Igarashi, Interior Designer and Professor at Musashino Art University

Eriko Kasahara, CEO of KASAHARA DESIGN WORK Co. Ltd.

Nao Taniyama, Founder of NAO Taniyama & Associates

Hiroshi Yoneya, Founder of TONERICO:INC.

Ryu Kosaka, Executive Creative Director of A.N.D. Nomura Co., Ltd.

wNozomi Zama, President of ZA DESIGN Inc.

These esteemed individuals brought expertise and insight, enriching the competition with their discerning perspectives and vast knowledge of design. Each member brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the jury panel, ensuring the Japan IDPA AWARD continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in design recognition.

In summary, the Japan IDPA AWARD stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity, celebrating the brightest minds in design and fostering cross-cultural exchange and cooperation. As Tokyo prepares to host this illustrious event, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of groundbreaking designs and the forging of new connections that will shape the future of design on a global scale.



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