Toomaj Freydouny: Redefining the Rental Market in Berlin with KUMMUNI’s Innovative Living Experience

Toomaj Freydouny: Redefining the Rental Market in Berlin with KUMMUNI's Innovative Living Experience
Photo Courtesy: Toomaj Freydouny

In the heart of Berlin, a city renowned for its dynamic pace and diverse culture, KUMMUNI stands out as a beacon of innovation in the housing market, led by its visionary CEO, Toomaj Freydouny. An Iranian-German entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and scholar, Freydouny has pioneered the “Choose Your Style” program through KUMMUNI, redefining the home concept by allowing residents to customize their living spaces without additional charges. This novel approach has elevated the standards in the CoLiving and furnished apartment sectors and garnered prestigious accolades for the company and its leadership. KUMMUNI was honored with the “Arbeitgeber der Zukunft 2023” award, recognizing it as an innovative and modern business. 

Freydouny’s exceptional leadership and innovative vision in the real estate sector were also acknowledged with the “German CEO Excellence 2024: Real Estate CEO of the Year (Berlin)” award. These awards underscore KUMMUNI’s commitment to excellence and innovation, highlighting its impact on reshaping urban living.

Toomaj Freydouny, with his rich academic background in IT and Marketing and extensive experience advising global brands, has always been at the forefront of innovation. His approach to KUMMUNI is no different. “Our mission at KUMMUNI is to redefine what it means to rent a home in Berlin. We believe that everyone deserves a space that feels truly theirs, no matter how long they plan to stay,” says Freydouny. This philosophy is the cornerstone of KUMMUNI’s success.

Toomaj Freydouny: Redefining the Rental Market in Berlin with KUMMUNI's Innovative Living Experience
Photo Courtesy: Toomaj Freydouny

The “Choose Your Style” program allows residents to customize their apartments by selecting from various furniture options, colors, and sizes. This level of personalization is unprecedented in the rental market. “We want to empower our residents to express their individuality. A home should reflect one’s personality, and with KUMMUNI, we make this possible,” Freydouny adds. This program particularly appeals to the company’s primary demographic – young professionals and international students seeking a sense of belonging in a new city.

KUMMUNI’s partnership with VASAGLE, a renowned furniture manufacturer,. “Our collaboration with VASAGLE is about blending aesthetics with functionality. Their designs are easy to maintain, perfect for our residents’ modern, busy lifestyle,” remarks Freydouny. This strategic alliance highlights KUMMUNI’s commitment to providing quality and convenience.

In Berlin’s competitive housing space, KUMMUNI stands out for its emphasis on community and customization. Unlike traditional shared apartments that offer basic amenities, KUMMUNI’s spaces are designed to enhance the living experience. “CoLiving should be about more than just finding a place to sleep. It’s about creating a lifestyle, a community where you can thrive,” Freydouny points out. This approach has garnered KUMMUNI a reputation as the best co-living and furnished apartment option in Berlin.

The company’s unique model extends to its pricing structure as well. Residents can choose their furniture at no extra cost or opt for premium upgrades for a minimal fee. This flexibility is part of KUMMUNI’s appeal, allowing residents to tailor their living experience to their budget and preferences. “We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer customizable options to suit all our residents,” explains Freydouny.

Freydouny’s leadership and KUMMUNI’s innovative approach are not just transforming the rental market; they are also a testament to the power of visionary entrepreneurship. “At KUMMUNI, we’re not just providing a place to live; we’re creating a lifestyle, a community where people can connect, grow, and feel at home,” says Freydouny. This philosophy resonates with the residents, who appreciate their ownership and pride in their KUMMUNI homes.

As KUMMUNI continues to expand and evolve, it serves as a model for others in the industry. Freydouny’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and quality sets a high standard for rental living. “Our goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the rental market. We want to inspire others to think differently about how we live and connect in our urban spaces,” concludes Freydouny.

Toomaj Freydouny and KUMMUNI’s story is a compelling example of how innovative thinking and a customer-focused approach can redefine an industry. It’s a story of resilience, creativity, and a deep understanding of what people seek in a home. As KUMMUNI grows, it continues to inspire and challenge the status quo, proving that anything is possible with the right vision and leadership.


Published By: Aize Perez


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