Toni Vans: The Woman That Keeps Accomplishing The Impossible

Ten years ago, only a few people would have known the name Toni Vans. Her friends, her husband, and her family. But over the last decade, she has emerged as one of the most influential network marketers, a transformational coach, and a multiple best-selling author. 

All of this, from being dangerously close to bankruptcy after several failed business ventures. Now, Toni Vans is not only more than financially free; she has committed her life to paving the way for others to find a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Why She Started

Toni Vans was at a crossroads when she first stumbled across network marketing. “A friend of mine recommended it, and honestly, I was not a believer. I thought it was a scam.” However, after paying attention and without anywhere to go, she decided to give it a try. “My husband and I were running a failing restaurant, recovering from a bad business partnership, and had maxed out our credit cards; we knew we needed to do something.” Within several months of pouring her heart into a new startup called Monat – she knew she had found something special. Monat was a network marketing company that offered both a good product and a strong support system for its team members. Fast forward to now, and Monat is a multi-billion dollar company, and Toni Vans earns multiple eight figures through the company. 

What She Does Now

Monat is in full swing and Toni is living the life of her dreams due to a decade of commitment to turning the vision of Monat into reality. Now, as she no longer has to worry about her financial future, she is focused on mentoring and enabling others to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. “Being able to give someone hope and see them go through the kind of life transformation that I did. It’s amazing.” Through her personal brand Effing Simple, she has provided leadership training through seminars, courses, books and now her newest endeavor, The Effing Simple CRM. “As a network marketer, I have a ton of people to stay in contact with. We developed the CRM to be the most affordable, most effective one out there.” With a personal brand that directly affects over half a million people, her CRM allows her to manage her contact across text messages, all social media platforms, and email – all in one app.

Looking To The Future

Currently, Toni Vans is focused on rolling out her all-in-one communication tool while also running her other ventures. However, as she looks to the future, she hopes to continue to find ways to enable other marketers and entrepreneurs to build their brands and success through innovative tools and technology. An exciting feature of the CRM as well, is that Toni has found a way for others to benefit from it as well. “We have created an affiliate program where others can get paid for helping others simplify and grow their business.” If you are looking for a complete communications system or know someone that could benefit from an extremely powerful and affordable CRM, Toni suggests that you view her website and follow her on Instagram for more daily inspiration.


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