Tim O’Rourke: A Leader in Real Estate Insurance

Tim O'Rourke A Leader in Real Estate Insurance
Photo Courtesy: Tim O'Rourke

By: Joshua Finley

Tim O’Rourke isn’t just another insurance agent; he’s a highly focused sales leader and account manager with years of experience championing substantial sales and profit growth from multiple national companies. With expertise in selling across various product lines and a keen ability to cultivate strong relationships with key decision-makers, O’Rourke has become a trusted figure in real estate insurance.

In 2023, Tim O’Rourke, alongside Herb Dorow, co-founded Cap Asset Risk Management, a company specializing in underwriting and insuring significant real estate risks. Their unique approach is about providing insurance services and building an ecosystem with their clients, connecting them with networking partners, and adding value beyond traditional insurance offerings.

Founding Cap Asset Risk Management

Cap Asset Risk Management has quickly established itself as a leading player in the insurance industry. Within a year, the company expanded its operations and focused on building authority in the market. As Tim puts it, “The goal is to build authority. It’s not just about opening another office; it’s about establishing ourselves as the experts.”

Things to Consider When Getting a New Policy

When it comes to insurance, Tim O’Rourke emphasizes crucial aspects that clients should consider when getting a new policy:

Comprehensive Policy Review

The initial step is a comprehensive review of the existing policy. O’Rourke stresses the importance of obtaining a copy of the entire policy, not just the summary. He explains, “If an agency wants to quote your business and they’ve never asked for a copy of your entire policy, why would you ever do business with them?”

Avoiding Price-Based Decisions

O’Rourke warns against making insurance decisions solely based on price. He highlights the significance of understanding the terms and conditions of the policy, particularly any warranties or exclusions that may come with discounts. “We don’t sell based on price. We want to come to a price that’s fair and reasonable and earn your business,” he says.

Specialized Expertise

O’Rourke emphasizes the importance of working with specialized experts, especially in commercial insurance. With their combined experience of over 20 years, O’Rourke and Dorow bring a unique perspective to the table. “Commercial insurance is way different than home and auto. We are telling your unique story to the underwriters to get discounts or explain different scenarios,” says Tim.

Building a Stronger Future

Looking ahead, Tim O’Rourke and Cap Asset Risk Management are focused on further expansion and building a powerful ecosystem within the real estate scene. They plan to establish power networking groups in different locations, facilitating connections and fostering client growth. As Tim reflects on their journey from a small co-working space to executive offices, he remarks, “Even our footprint has grown significantly. It’s only been nine or ten months, but our presence is expanding rapidly.”

Tim O’Rourke’s expertise and Cap Asset Risk Management’s innovative approach are setting new standards, ensuring clients receive insurance coverage and comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs.

To learn more and connect with Tim O’Rourke, visit Cap Asset Risk Management’s official website at CapAssetRiskManagement.com.


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